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iOttie Prime Day 2019 Deals: Save 15% on a Car Mount with Alexa & More



Amazon Prime Day 2019 is here and you can save 15% on the iOttie Easy One Touch Connect with Alexa Built-in, plus you can save on other iOttie deals that will be featured in Lighting Deals throughout the 48 hours of Amazon Prime Day 2019.

The star of this show is the new iOttie car mount with Alexa built-in. This is a new product that is normally $69.99, but with the coupon code 15CONNECT, you can save 15% off during Amazon Prime Day deals.

Save when you add Alexa to your car with iOttie during Prime Day 2019.

Save when you add Alexa to your car with iOttie during Prime Day 2019.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect with Alexa Built-in is a universal car mount for iPhone or Android that includes access to Alexa skills right from your car. The mount connects to your phone where it is able to connect to the Internet to let you use Alexa skills and voice control while you drive.

With this setup, you can play music, get directions, send a text or start a call. If you’ve been looking for a way to get voice control in your car, this is an excellent option. You can even set your home temperature with Alexa if you have a smart thermostat at home.

This is not a wireless charger, so you will need to plug in a cord when you want to charge your phone. It does not work with Spotify for voice control at this time. You get three months free of Amazon Music with your purchase. There is a LED that lets you know when Alexa is listening and you can use a mic odd button on the back to turn off listening mode.

Check out the deal during Prime Day 2019 and use the coupon code 15CONNECT to save 15% on this at Amazon.

During Prime Day 2019 you will also find iOttie Lightning Deals on several products. These include;l

You can see the Lightning Deals live on Amazon at this link on Monday and Tuesday.

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