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17 Struggles Only iPhone Owners Will Understand



No matter what iPhone you own you are familiar with these struggles. These iPhone problems are either the thing that sends you over the edge or a little bit of humor in your day — and sometimes both.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus add to this list of problems that iPhone owners face every day and even the iOS 8 update can’t help users overcome all of these issues.

From the old iPhone 4 that’s holding on thanks to packaging tape to the plastic and colorful iPhone 5c, you’ll recognize these common iPhone problems and struggles.

Here’s our list of struggles only iPhone owners can really understand.

1. Mystery Battery Drain

There’s nothing like battery life dropping 45% in 12 minutes, or bouncing around while you’re charging the iPhone.

There's nothing like battery life dropping 45% in 12 minutes. Bloomua /

Bloomua /

 2. iPhone Slowing Down After an Update

When you install a new iOS update and the iPhone suddenly runs as slow as the iPhone you replaced two years ago.

iPhone problems struggles - Slow

3. Running out of Storage Space All the Time

Storage Almost Full, Cannot Record Video, Cannot Download and Not Enough Storage are messages you see once a week.

iPhone problems struggles - Storage

 4. No Customization

Unless you can take the time to jailbreak, and stay behind on the latest iOS for weeks or months you can’t customize the look of the iPhone.

iPhone problems struggles - Customization

5. You Need a Case

From glass backs that crack easily to slippery metal, it’s almost like Apple wants you to spend $60 on an iPhone case.

iPhone problems struggles - case

6. Always Need to Wear Headphones to Hear a Video

Let’s face it, you need headphones to watch even the shortest video on the iPhone unless you want to cup your hand around the edge and stick the phone up to your ear.

Bloomua /

Bloomua /

7. Siri’s Useless Answers

From missing names of your friends to telling you how to chop down a tree when you just want directions to a hardware store, Siri’s answers aren’t always helpful. Sometimes Siri makes you scream.

iPhone problems struggles - Siri Struggles

8. Apple Maps Insanity

Apple maps still doesn’t know some streets exist and often delivers off the wall directions. In the last year Apple Maps tried to send us driving off a long closed bridge and still doesn’t show one of our homes in Apple Maps. Too bad you can’t set Google Maps as default.

Tsyhun /

Tsyhun /

9. Chargers that Break every Few Months

As soon as your iPhone charger starts showing a Steve Job’s inspired turtleneck or the dreaded double chin, you know you need to order a new charger.

10. Auto Correct That Only Siri Could Understand

We’ve all tried to type, I’ll see you soon and the next thing you know you’re asking your mother to prom or telling your boss to get lost. No one knows how this happens.

11. Broken iPhone Home Button

You need to press the home button hundreds of times a week, and after a year 11 months it dies. Now you have to tap on a virtual home button for a month until you can upgrade.

iPhone problems struggles -  Broken iPhone Home Button

12. All the New iPhones are Too Big

You want a new iPhone, but the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are just too big for your hands, pockets and daily demands.

iPhone problems struggles - too big

14. Headphone Jack on the Bottom of the iPhone

You still can’t adjust to the headphone jack on the bottom of the iPhone, leading to odd pocket to headphone plug problems.

iPhone problems struggles - headphone jack

14. You need to Type, but the Keyboard Remains Hidden

You know the problem. You’ve opened a webpage or an app and there is a place to type your username and password, but you have to tap one more time to open the keyboard.

iPhone problems struggles - keyboard

15. Your iPhone Continues to think you are Ducking Shot All the Time

You’ve never needed to tell someone you are ducking or to complain about the shot you saw yesterday, but Apple thinks you’re ducking shot every day.

16. Just How Long it Takes for the iPhone to Turn on After the Battery Drains

The iPhone turns off with 5% battery life left, of course, and after you plug it in you have to wait 10 minutes for it to charge enough for you to use.

iPhone problems struggles - Turn on when charging

17. Using the iPhone in the Winter

The iPhone screen doesn’t work with gloves on. Unless you buy special gloves your thumbs will freeze this winter.

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Apple Leather iPhone 6 Cases

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