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11 iPhone XR Pre-Order Tips & Tricks



Use the Apple Store App

Use the Apple Store App

Apple's website struggled a bit when iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch 4 pre-orders went live in September, but we didn't have any problems with the Apple Store app. 

If Apple's website (or the website you're trying to order from) becomes buggy on pre-order day, you might not get the model you want when you want it. This is why we, and many others, recommend using the Apple Store application.

Apple's Apple Store application is free and it allows you to buy Apple hardware the same way you would through the company's website. 

If you're nervous about website issues or you don't want to get out of bed to pre-order, the Apple Store app is an excellent alternative and worth a shot.

If you're feeling especially nervous, you might want to use two devices. Having another device handy could be useful if something goes wrong during the pre-order process. 

You might open up Apple's website on one device and the Apple Store app on another. Or maybe you have one device on Apple's website with another set to your carrier's website just to be safe. 

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