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LG G6 Release: 5 Reasons to Wait & 3 Reasons Not To



As the LG G6 release date nears we’re starting to learn a lot about the upcoming flagship smartphone. From the premium new design, bigger screen, sleek bezels and more. Many are waiting for it to be announced. With that in mind, here we go over a few reasons to wait for and buy the LG G6, along with some reasons not to wait.

Over the past few months we’ve learned a lot from leaks, not to mention LG has already started teasing the phone. From unveiling the new 5.7-inch display, teasing water-resistance and other things. The LG G5 wasn’t popular, so the G6 will be hugely important for the company.

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Are you trying to wait for the LG G6, or do you need a new smartphone right now? Here we’ll go over everything we know about LG’s new phone, what to expect, and why some should or shouldn’t wait for it.


We aren’t expecting any big surprises from LG with their LG G6. That’s because almost everything has leaked already. A full spec sheet, images of the phone, and more. Even a video highlighting features by LG themselves. From what we see though, the LG G6 could be their best phone yet.

Offering a sleek new redesign, bigger screen, and tiny bezels. Additionally they’ve ditched the modular accessories idea we saw in 2016 with the LG G5. The result should be a premium top-tier smartphone that can take on Samsung, Apple and Google.

Still, an LG G6 release date has yet to be announced. We do however, know when it will be unveiled. Below is everything you need to know to help make the right decision.

Wait If You Want a Big Screen

Wait If You Want a Big Screen

LG has offered different screen sizes year after year, and can't seem to make up their mind. Last year it was smaller than earlier models, at 5.3-inches. Which was a perfect middle ground between Samsung and Apple devices. 

However, for 2017 with the LG G6 the company is going all-in. Aiming to take on Samsung, and the failed Galaxy Note 7 at the same time. 

If you want a big and beautiful display, wait for the LG G6. The company has already confirmed an all-new 5.7-inch world's first 18:9 aspect ratio Quad-HD screen. Meaning it will be a little taller than most, but not too wide. Allowing for tons of real-estate to enjoy movies, apps, games and more. LG is using a refined and newer 2880 x 1440 Quad-HD display. Not 2560 x 1440 like others. So it should have a higher pixel density and higher resolution than even the Galaxy S8 Plus.

With the fingerprint scanner on back and new technology allowing for tiny bezels, expect almost the entire front of the device to be all screen. The edges will be round (on the display, not the glass) and it should be stunning to look at. This image was recently leaked, but we're not sure if it's accurate. The top will have nearly no bezel, but the bottom may look different once it's released. Stay tuned to find out. 


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