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How to Listen to March Madness Live Anywhere, Anytime



The 2016 March Madness season is underway, and if you want to listen to March Madness live from anywhere. With the right app you can listen to every March Madness game live on your iPhone, iPad or Android and you don’t need to pay a dime to do it.

You can also listen online if you need to make it look like you are listening to a corporate seminar on workplace behavior.

Yes, that’s right you need a cable subscription to watch most March Madness live streams in all legal apps, but with this awesome service you can listen to 2016 March Madness games live at home, in the car and most importantly at work.

Listen to March Madness live with TuneIn. Aspen Photo /

Listen to March Madness live with TuneIn. Aspen Photo /

While you listen to March Madness you can use the interactive bracket to choose what game to listen to right in the app, so you can stay on top of how your favorites are doing in a familiar NCAA bracket breakdown.

TuneIn offers a free March Madness live stream of every single 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship game through Westward One. This started this week and goes all the way through the National Championship on April 4th.

You’ll need to the free TuneIn Radio app for iPhone and iPad or for Android or simply go to TuneIn on your computer to start listening to March Madness games live.

On your computer you can check out the 2016 March Madness NCAA schedule with links to click to listen to any of the games you want to hear. All of the 2015 March Madness live streams are free to listen to on any of your TuneIn ready devices.

Listen to March Madness games live.

Listen to March Madness games live.

If you listen in the car or at home you can turn it up without any special considerations, but if you plan to listen to March Madness live at work you will want to be a little stealthy. it’s wise to use headphones and you might even want to go with a small Bluetooth headset. While most of us think about using these to make calls, you can keep this in one ear with the game going while you work and it will just look like you are waiting for an important call.

With some super small options it’s almost impossible to see that you have a Bluetooth headphone in, let alone to know that you are listening to March Madness games live while you use the other ear to hear your co-worker ramble on about TPS reports and staplers.

This is a very small headset that almost disappears when worn.

No one knows this man is actually listening to March Madness live with the Moto hint.

The 2016 March Madness tournament is live now and it runs through April 4th when the National Championship takes place.

There are 64 teams that eventually converge to the Sweet Sixteen as competition heats up and teams vie for the Championship. By the end of March we’ll be down to the Elite Eight and in April the Final Four compete as the lucky few hold out hope that their bracket will survive.

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