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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Release: 5 Things to Know

A Mass Effect Andromeda DLC release is the next big step for Electronic Art’s Bioware Montreal studio. Gamers that enjoyed the title are eager to find out what happens to their favorite characters and factions next.

The title has a huge world with lots of quests to finish. This hasn’t stopped hardcore fans from burning through the content that’s included with the game. That’s why Mass Effect Andromeda DLC is important. New add-ons could introduce new mechanics and add to the game’s campaign. DLC is the content extra content that developers sell for titles that gamers already have.

Expect Mass Effect Andromeda DLC for sure.

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  • Why You’ll Have to Pay for Mass Effect Andromeda DLC
  • Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Price
  • Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Release Window
  • When We Might Learn More About Mass Effect Andromeda DLC
  • Mass Effect Andromeda APEX Missions Are Rolling Out

Here’s what we know about the Mass Effect Andromeda DLC release and what Bioware and Electronic Arts may have on the way.

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Why You’ll Have to Pay for Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

The first thing that anyone wonders about a potential Mass Effect Andromeda DLC release is its price. Mass Effect Andromeda arrived on store shelves back on March 21st in standard, Super and Super Deluxe editions. None of them came with the season pass, which is how we know Mass Effect Andromeda DLC will cost something. Special editions almost always unlock extra content that arrives after the game’s launch. When they don’t, game publishers sell new content separately.

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This isn’t the first time that a Bioware role-playing game has launched without a season pass. 2014’s Dragon Age Inquisition didn’t have one either. All its add-on content sold separately. Once all the content was available for purchase, Bioware went back and created the Game of the Year edition. This edition included the base game and extra DLC.

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Price

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC could cost around $15. Inquisition, the last game the studio launched, had three three DLC expansions: Trespasser, Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent. Each added huge new locations and some story-focused narrative for $14.99. They remain that price today. It’s safe to assume that any major expansions to Mass Effect Andromeda will follow this pricing structure too.

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC could offer new worlds to explore.

Gamers can look forward to updates that improve existing features for free. Dragon Age Inquisition: Black Emporium was a piece of add-on content that allowed users to buy crafting items and change the look of their character. Bioware gave this DLC away free to gamers. We’re already seeing updates that smooth out cutscenes and give players a quick way to dismiss emails and collect rewards.

It seems likely that future Mass Effect Andromeda DLC will include new content for multiplayer. Inquisition received a number of free expansions for its multiplayer experience. Multiplayer and the in-game currencies that it relies on help breath new life into single player games long after they’ve launched. Andromeda’s multiplayer mode has an in-game currency like Dragon Age: Inquisition did. Bioware will need to provide new maps to keep gamers interested in that multiplayer.

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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Release Window

We could see a major Mass Effect Andromeda DLC release in July 2017 or August 2017.  Inquisition provides a decent template for when we might see Mass Effect Andromeda DLC arrive. That game arrived on store shelves in November of 2014. Its first major expansion came roughly four months later in March 2015. The Descent, another of its major expansions, arrived five months later in August 2015. September 2015 brought with it the Trespasser DLC.

When We Might Learn More About Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

We should learn a little more about Mass Effect Andromeda DLC soon. Electronic Arts, the company that publishes Mass Effect and owns Bioware, holds an EA Play press event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 10th. Mass Effect is such an important franchise for the company that it’d seem very odd if more content for the game wasn’t teased during the event.

Mass Effect Andromeda APEX Missions Are Rolling Out

New multiplayer APEX missions that add some story are slowly rolling out to gamers. Apex Mission 6 arrives on May 15th, according to the Apex Mission area on the Mass Effect website. These missions are free and available to anyone with an internet connection and a copy of the game.

At some point, more Mass Effect Andromeda DLC will surface. There are very few games published by Electronic Arts that don’t get new content after launch. Also, the franchise has a dedicated fan base that expects more content. Until EA and Bioware deliver that content, be sure to give the game’s multiplayer and side-quests some attention.

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