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Minecraft Better Together Beta Release Date & Details



The Minecraft Better Together DLC will add cross-play, servers and new materials to Mojang’s crafting and survival game later this summer. Luckily, you can try some of these features now in the Minecraft Better Together Beta.

Microsoft and Mojang revealed the Better Together DLC this summer. It’s called Better Together because the update lets you share words with other people without being on the same platform. Until now, iPhone users could only play with other users on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch users will all get the Better Together DLC free. We still don’t know when its release date is.

We do know how to get the Minecraft Better Together Beta and what it contains.

Minecraft Better Together Beta Release Date

The Minecraft Better Together Beta release date is July 31st. If you own a digital copy of Minecraft already, the Minecraft Better Together Bera doesn’t cost you anything. Digital copies of Minecraft are available in the Xbox Store, Windows Store and Google Play Store now.

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How to Get the Minecraft Better Together Beta

To download the Minecraft Better Together Beta on Xbox One and PC, go to the Xbox Store or Windows Store. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub, and install the app from the Insider Content area. Windows 10 users should get the update today, and Xbox One users can expect it to launch on their console in early August.

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, join the Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta Program here. After you’ve joined, download the beta from the Play Store app on your smartphone or tablet. Only attempt the download if you have a Wi-Fi connection. Downloading it without one could max out your data plan.

Mojang hasn’t said if iPhone and Nintendo Switch users will get beta access before the update launches. Because of that, it’s possible you may get the chance to try the new features early even if your device isn’t part of the beta today.

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What’s Available in the Minecraft Better Together Beta

The Minecraft Better Together Beta’s has new crafting items, new features and new mechanics for you to test today.

New items include stained glass, fireworks, parrots, banners, armor stands, music disks, the jukebox, a recipe book, a quill and ravines. Coarse dirt is the only new crafting material available today.

There are more than a dozen new features and mechanics for you to try too. World conversion, structure blocks, console split-screen, host options, new loading screens, player permissions and new world starting options are available. You can test the zombie villager spawn egg, the TNT explode rule and natural regeneration rule with the beta too. The better your smartphone, PC or tablet’s processor, the more people you can play with.

For now, there are some major features missing from the Minecraft Better Together Beta. Custom servers, which are still coming in the final update, aren’t available yet. Minecraft Marketplace, where gamers can go to download stuff using the game’s new currency, isn’t available to Xbox One owners. Mojang hasn’t said when it will add these features to the game.

Where to Send Minecraft Better Together Beta Feedback

Mojang is asking users to submit all feedback about the Minecraft Better Together Beta to one of two sites. Report bugs and beta problems at Head to to let the developer know how you feel about all the changes they’ve made to the game.

Better Together Minecraft DLC: 6 Things to Know

The Better Together Minecraft DLC Release Date

The Better Together Minecraft DLC Release Date

We don’t know the Better Together Minecraft DLC release date. Microsoft and Mojang have not revealed it.

The two have discussed the upgrade’s release window. Expect the Better Together DLC to arrive on your video game console, smartphone or tablet sometime this summer. This means that the update can launch anytime between now and late September. Microsoft confirmed this release window in a press release.

We expect Mojang to release Better Together to all available platforms it on the same day.

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