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MLB The Show 18 Release Date, Details & Features



The MLB The Show 18 release date is coming fast, and you will definitely want the new game for your PS4 on launch day. MLB The Show 18 has more than just new rosters.

This new baseball game has new features and upgraded game modes. Players look more realistic as they pitch and run the bases thanks to thousands of upgraded animations and 4K graphics. There are new home run celebrations for you to unlock, and when you do make a play, expect the game’s crowds to break into celebration along with you. A new dynamic crowds system makes that possible. Player tagging and an improved physics across modes make the MLB The Show 18 release something to get excited about.

Here is everything that you need to know about the MLB The Show 18 release and the features you can expect when you pick up your copy of the game.

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MLB The Show 18 Release Date

The MLB The Show 18 release date is March 27th. On that day, anyone that hasn’t pre-ordered the game from the PlayStation Store or a retailer can pick up a copy. This is a worldwide release, so everyone around the world gets the game on the same day.

The Show 18’s console support is simple. You get the same gameplay whether you have a PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. However, only PS4 Pro owners get 4K graphics with a 4K TV. MLB The Show stopped supporting the PS3 after MLB The Show 16. So, if you don’t have a PS4, plan on purchasing one before release day to play the game.

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MLB The Show 18 First Pitch Weekend

You only need to wait for the official MLB The Show 18 release date if you don’t pre-order a copy before launch. You get access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch Weekend when you buy today.

First Pitch Weekend is an early release that kicks-off on March 23rd. That gives you four days to enjoy your copy of the game before players that don’t place a pre-order. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the game through the PlayStation Store or pick up a physical copy, you get early access. Walmart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop are all offering First Pitch Weekend pick-up for their shoppers now.

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New Features for MLB The Show 18

MLB The Show 18 has five different gameplay modes: Road to The Show, Diamond Dynasty, Battle Royale, Conquest and Franchise Mode.

Sony San Diego is discussing every one of the MLB The Show 18’s new features during Twitch livestreams and blog posts from now until March 22nd. So far, we know that Road to the Show’s changes includes a major expansion. Expect more details on how the other modes are different from previous games in a blog or a Twitch stream.

Despite their differences, each mode uses the same updated gameplay engine. Count on improved, hitting, pitching, catching and throwing. The Show 18 has a completely rewritten tagging system, and this updated engine supports the new dynamic crowds, home run celebrations, upgraded animations and improved physics that Sony showed off in the game’s first trailer.

The MLB The Show 18 release will include access to more legendary players from Major League Baseball. For example, Babe Ruth is in the game.

When Are MLB The Show 18 Feature Reveals?

Expect one stream or video blog post about new MLB The Show 18 features twice a week until the game launches. That’s according to the developer blog and Twitch schedule that Sony San Diego posted along with the game’s reveal. The streams start at 2 PM Pacific Time on the day they’re listed. If you miss one, expect a recap on the PlayStation Blog.

MLB The Show 18 Trailers

MLB The Show 18 Pre-Orders

MLB The Show 18 pre-orders have already begun ahead of the game’s March release. Remember, if you buy the game early, you can play on March 23rd instead of waiting until the official MLB The Show 18 release date on March 27th. First Pitch Weekend access is included with every pre-order.

That being said, you need to buy the right edition of MLB The Show 18 to get some extras. For example, All Rise Edition is the only way to get a 9FIFTY hat with the game’s logo. It costs $99.99. On the other hand, you only get an Aaron Judge Rookie Flashback Card for The Show 17 instantly if you pre-order a digital copy of the game from the PlayStation Store.

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Don’t feel pressured to place an MLB The Show 18 pre-order just to get digital extras. Except for the Rookie Flashback Card, you can buy the digital extras later. Really, only buy the game early if you want those four extra days of early playtime or typically buy in-game currency anyway.

You can learn more about MLB The Show 18 pre-orders in Gotta Be Mobile’s MLB The Show 18 Pre-Orders breakdown. It includes details about each version you can buy and how you can save money on the game.

4 Reasons to Pre-Order MLB The Show 18 & 3 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order for Access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch

Pre-Order for Access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch

Early release is a big reason to pre-order MLB The Show 18 right now. Buying now gets you access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch Weekend.

Think of First Pitch Weekend as a release window just for hardcore fans. Purchase early and get the game on March 23rd. It doesn’t matter how you pre-order. Physical and digital copies of the game qualify if you buy them from Walmart, Best Buy, Target or GameStop.

As the official release date isn’t until March 27th that’s four extra days for you to piece together your team. That’s also four extra days to get comfortable with the new animations and gameplay changes in multiplayer.

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