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Mobile Strike Hacks & Cheats: 5 Things to Know

When you start to play Mobile Strike you will learn quickly that gold is an important aspect of the game and that there is never enough. This leaves many gamers searching for Mobile Strike cheats and Mobile Strike hacks that will allow them to get more resources.

After spending time investigating the varied Mobile Strike cheats and hacks that promise unlimited gold, VIP and XP there are some very important things that you should know.

There are no shortage of websites that promise access to unlimited Mobile Strike gold and XP through cheats and hacks, but most are designed to take and not to give.

Some of these websites go so far as to include fake online chat tools that pretend to include user testimonials.

Mobile Strike Hacks

Many websites promise Mobile Strike hacks and cheats, but we have not found any that can deliver.
Many websites promise Mobile Strike hacks and cheats, but we have not found any that can deliver.

The Mobile Strike hacks that we’ve found include the promise of Gold, VIP and XP. When you enter your username you can then choose how much of the resources you want. After choosing those options you can click Continue and the website will start the “Mobile Strike hack” including on screen animations that include your username and suggest that the tool is actually hacking the Mobile Strike servers.

After this completes you will see a message saying that you need to prove you are human by filling out quizzes, surveys and offers.

Mobile Strike Hacks will often show you some kind of code as they "hack" the Mobile Strike servers.
Mobile Strike Hacks will often show you some kind of code as they “hack” the Mobile Strike servers.

At this point, you should stop because any username you type in will show that it is capable of being hacked and asking someone to complete an offer is not the best way to verify that someone is a real person.

If you choose to reload the page, you will even see the same chat conversation roll out over and over again.

It’s a pretty savvy looking option, but it is not able to actually hack Mobile Strike and give you gold.

Mobile Strike Cheats

When you search for Mobile Strike cheats you will likely find a Mobile Strike Generator promising unlimited gold. That sounds pretty impressive and there is even a toggle to choose if you should encrypt the hack.

Mobile Strike cheats don't even verify your username.
Mobile Strike cheats don’t even verify your username.

Enter any user name and the message will show that it is successful. After you choose how long you want VIP for and how much gold to get you will see a similar hacking script and then you will see a prompt to verify that you are not human by filling out forms or signing up for services.

On some of the Mobile Strike cheats you can share on Facebook or Google+ if you want to skip the offer. Unfortunately you won’t see any more gold in your account.

Some of these tools are connected with sites that can harm your computer. While attempting to test one Mobile Strike hack tool we received a warning that the site attempted to send us to link that contains malware. Malware can damage your computer and even lock your files.

Mobile Strike Hack Reviews

When you start to do research, you will see a lot of comments and Mobile Strike hack reviews on the websites dedicated to offering you access to unlimited gold and VIP in Mobile Strike.

Keep in mind that these are almost always going to be from the creator of the website, adding in these options to convince you to fill out forms and sign up for surveys that will make them money without giving you anything.

Mobile Strike Bans for Cheats and Hacks

If you actually are able to find a Mobile Strike cheat or hack that does work, you could find yourself suspended or banned.

The Mobile Strike Terms and Conditions state, “You will not use or design cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized software designed to modify or interfere with the Game experience.”

If you are banned from Mobile Strike, the creators do not need to offer you any compensation or refund for any in-app purchases you already made.

Mobile Strike Cheat Codes

Some of the sites dedicated to Mobile Strike hacks and cheats try to send you to malware infested websites.
Some of the sites dedicated to Mobile Strike hacks and cheats try to send you to malware infested websites.

For all the offers to hack the game, we could not find any Mobile Strike Cheat codes that allow you to unlock special options or quickly refill your gold and VIP terms.

Games like this rely on in-app purchases to make money, and because of this they don’t build in support for cheat codes like a game normally might.

The entire purpose of this game is to convince you to spend money on the in app purchases that range from $4.99 to $99.99 and include varying amounts of gold.

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  1. Paul Jeffrey Hobden

    05/21/2016 at 2:35 am

    Mobile strike cheats don’t even work I used quite a lot and never ever gold come off my mobile strike account and I do the not a human survey and still nothing what a fake .


    • sandra

      06/13/2016 at 12:24 pm

      If you’re looking for mobile strike hacks, I suggest visiting http://towercheats.com/mobilestrike . I go there for all my gaming cheats needs and it has never once let me down. They have a lot available for other games as well!


  2. Gary Mobile Strike

    05/26/2016 at 11:40 am

    There is no working cheats for this game!


  3. james

    06/02/2016 at 1:22 am

    Thank you for putting this info out i reported the sights to google because all they are is generaters for sevays thats it


  4. bassam

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