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Moshi Avanti Review



The Moshi Avanti headphones deliver impressive sound in a lightweight and comfortable package that also looks beautiful.

We know Moshi best for making wonderful cases, bags and charging accessories, but the company proves that they know what they are doing when it comes to headphones.

I love the minimal design and the striking contrast of aluminum and soft red leather on my Moshi Avanti review unit. There is also a soft brown color if you aren’t ready to rock red headphones.

Read this Moshi Avanti review to find out if they are worth buying.

Read this Moshi Avanti review to find out if they are worth buying.

The $199 Moshi Avanti headphones come with a nice carrying case and a headphone cable and a free app to burn-in the headphones for better sound right out of the box.

Walk into Best Buy or Apple and you’ll see rows of huge headphones, but Moshi bucks the trend with compact, but powerful earcups and an minimal design that remains eye-catching.

Moshi Avanti Sound

After slipping the lightweight Avanti on my head I fired up my go to playlist to test out headphones, with songs across a range of genres that are filled with notes and instruments that really test headphones.

Good Mystery by Amber Rubarth is the first track I play on a new pair of headphones. The Moshi Avanti headphones produce a beautiful soundstage with Rubarth’s voice coming from the left, but spilling over to the right ear where strings and percussion blend perfectly.

Earcups are soft and offer a great fit.

Earcups are soft and offer a great fit.

Next up is Love Lockdown by Kanye West. The near constant bass in this song can overpower many headphones, but the Avanti handle it well. The Bass is deep and heavy enough that you can enjoy Love Lockdown, or really get into Run the Jewels, your favorite EDM song or Hip Hop Hit. You will not hear the heavy overpowering bass that some headphones deliver, but I was never left wanting more.

From Zack de la Rocha’s signature voice to the deeper, slow roll of Jay Z on Blue Magic — backed up with bright vocals and a sharp hi-hat — Moshi’s new headphones don’t miss a beat.

The angled earcups sit towards the front of your ears.

The angled earcups sit towards the front of your ears.

The Moshi Avanti headphones do an amazing job of reproducing the mids and highs from instruments, which really bring music to life. Combine this with balanced bass and the Avanti deliver impressive sound that leaves us more impressed with each listen.

Although the Avanti are not active noise cancelling the headphones do a very good job of drowning out the distractions around a home office or tuning out a bustling coffee shop.

Moshi Avanti Comfort and Fit

The Moshi Avanti headphones are light at around 5.85 ounces. Unlike some headphones we’ve reviewed that are heavy and can be a challenge to wear for long periods the Avanti are light and comfortable enough to almost disappear.

The Moshi Avanti headphones are comfortable.

The Moshi Avanti headphones are comfortable.

Soft leather-covered earcups sit on top of your ears, with the best quality slightly to the front. These do not completely cover your ear, but they don’t need to for great sound.

The metal band and the earcups offer enough pressure to keep the headphones on your head, even while rocking out like no one is watching.

A detachable headphone cable is more than long enough for listening with your phone in your pocket or plugging into a computer or tablet. There is a small velcro clasp to shorten the cable if you need it.

Moshi Avanti remote.

Moshi Avanti remote.

The cable splits at an in-line remote and goes up to each earcup, with enough slack that you don’t constantly feel the cables smacking your face. The inline remote allows you to pause and play music as well as skip tracks, take calls and activate Siri or another voice assistant.

One thing we miss is that there is no volume control from the small remote. For the price it would have been nice to see a detachable option for iPhone with volume and one for other devices. We have not had any issues with tangling or with the cables disconnecting while in use.

When not in use the headphones fold up for more compact storage inside the included case.

Moshi Avanti Review: Are They Worth Buying?

The biggest question is, are the Moshi Avanti worth buying? At $199 the headphones are not an impulse buy, and they are up against Bluetooth models, but there is a lot going for them.

The striking design, great sound quality and overall package combine to deliver a stellar fit, finish and value that buyers shouldn’t overlook.

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