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New Emojis Announced: 5 Things to Know about 2016 Emojis



This is what you need to know about the 72 new emojis that are coming in June 2016 including a bacon emoji, selfie emoji, whiskey emoji and more. Here’s a look at the 2016 emojis coming to iPhone, Android and other devices.

In order for Emoji to work across devices, a group must meet and come up with the officially supported list of emoji that are a part of the Unicode standard used by phones.

If the Unicode Consortium doesn’t make it official, you can’t send it as an emoji. That’s why Kimoji, Stephmoji and Bitmoji are sent as images to other people.

The new set of Unicode 9 emoji include 72 new emoji to round out your emoji needs. While the new emojis for 2016 are official, they will not be in use until after June 21st and you may need to wait longer to use them on iPhone and Android.

This is what you need to know about the new emojis and when you might be able to use them.

What Are the New Emojis for 2016

Here are the new emojis. See what the 2016 emojis look like before they arrive on iPhone and Android.

Here are the new emojis. See what the 2016 emojis look like before they arrive on iPhone and Android.

The Unicode Consortium confirmed 72 new emoji for 2016. These are the official emoji that are new this year, and they may be the only new ones we see until the group releases a new spec next year. The list below walks through the new emojis for 2016. The image above shows what the new emojis will look like on some devices from Emojipedia.

  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji
  • Cowboy Emoji
  • Clown Emoji
  • Lying Face Emoji – aka Pinocchio Emoji
  • Drooling Emoji
  • I’m Going to Puke Emoji
  • Sneezing Emoji
  • Prince Emoji
  • Mother Christmas Emoji
  • Man in Tuxedo Emoji
  • Shrug Emoji
  • Face Palm Emoji
  • Pregnant Emoji
  • Man Dancing Emoji – aka Disco Emoji
  • Selfie Emoji
  • Fingers Crossed Emoji
  • Call Me Hand Emoji
  • Left Fist Bump Emoji
  • Right Fist Bump Emoji
  • Raised Back of Hand Emoji
  • Handshake Emoji
  • Black Heart Emoji
  • Gorilla Emoji
  • Fox Face Emoji
  • Deer Emoji
  • Rhino Emoji
  • Bat Emoji
  • Eagle Emoji
  • Duck Emoji
  • Owl Emoji
  • Lizard Emoji
  • Shark Emoji
  • Shrimp Emoki
  • Squid Emoji
  • Butterfly Emoji
  • Wilted Flower Emoji
  • Kiwi Emoji
  • Avocado Emoji
  • Potato Emoji
  • Carrot Emoji
  • Cucumber Emoji aka Pickle Emoji
  • Peanuts Emoji
  • Coissant Emoji
  • Baguette Emoji – aka French Bread Emoji
  • Pancakes Emoji
  • Bacon Emoji
  • Stuffed Flatbread Emoji
  • Egg Emoji
  • Casserole Emoji
  • Salad Emoji
  • Glass of Milk Emoji
  • Toasting Emoji
  • Whiskey Emoji aka Scotch Emoji
  • Spoon Emoji
  • Octagonal Sign Emoji
  • Scooter Emoji
  • Motor Scooter Emoji
  • Canoe Emoji
  • First Place Emoji
  • Second Place Emoji
  • Third Place Emoji
  • Boxing Glove Emoji
  • Karate Uniform Emoji
  • Cartwheel Emoji
  • Wrestler Emoji
  • Water Polo Emoji
  • Handball Emoji
  • Fencer Emoji
  • Goal Emoji
  • Juggling Emoji
  • Drum with Drumsticks Emoji

These are all the new Emoji that are a part of Unicode 9. There is a chance that some will change, but there shouldn’t be many differences.

New iPhone Emoji Update

When will the new emoji come to iPhone and iPad? That’s a very good question with two likely possibilities.

We could see Apple deliver a iOS 9.4 update this summer that includes the new emojis, but we have not heard about this update yet. Last summer the iOS 8.4 update delivered new emojis and Apple Music.

If that is not when the new emojis come, we may need to wait until the iOS 10 release date to use these on iPhone and iPad. If this is the case, expect a release in the fall.

New Android Emoji Update

Google is working on developer betas of Android N, and there is a good chance that the new Android emojis will arrive with Android N.

The Android N release date is set for later this summer, with September or even October as more likely months for it to arrive.

This would allow Google time to add in the new Android emoji before the release. From there you will still need to wait for the new emoji to arrive.

Do I Need a New Emoji App?

The last time there was a major release of new emoji for iPhone we saw many new emoji apps appear on the App Store.

Some were 99 cents or more and promised access to the new emoji ahead of the official release.

You don’t need to buy a new emoji keyboard for iPhone or Android to get these. They will eventually appear on your standard Emoji keyboard.

Any new emoji apps that promise access to the 72 new emojis and charges for it is simply sending an image instead of the emoji.

New Emojis for 2017

The consortium is already looking into new emojis for 2017 with five potential options already listed.

  • Eyebrow Raised Emoji
  • Dumpling Emoji
  • Fortune Cookie Emoji
  • Takeout Box Emoji
  • Chopsticks Emoji

You will not see these on the 2016 emojis update when it arrives later this year.

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