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New Verizon Plan: 7 Things Users Need to Know



The new Verizon Plan will change how much data you get, how much you pay for data and what happens when you use all the data you pay for as well as many other integral parts of using a smartphone on Verizon. This is what you need to know about the new 2016 Verizon plans that are available in July.

Some users will save money by switching to the new Verizon plans even with a higher price, and it includes several handy features that will help users who come close to going over their data limits thanks to new controls and options.

The new Verizon Plan is available on July 7th and it puts more control in your hands using the Verizon app on your iPhone or Android device, but you can still go into a store or call support for help with your data usage.

Make sure you do the math before you switch since not everyone will want the higher prices, even with more data. It is normally hard to go back to an old plan after you switch.

Here are the most important details about the new Verizon Plans that you can upgrade to now or when you buy a new phone in 2016.

What Are the New Verizon Plans?

The new Verizon Plans are more expensive, but you also get more data. Depending on the plan you pay $5 to $10 more a month and get 30% to 50% more data.

What you need to know about the new Verizon plans.

What you need to know about the new Verizon plans.

Verizon is increasing the plans to accommodate the increased data use from customers. In April 2013 the average Verizon customer used 1GB, in April 2016 the average subscriber used 2.7GB in a month.

The new Verizon Plans start at $35 a month and go up to $110 a month.  

  • Small: Now $35/month for 2 GB (was $30/month for 1GB)
  • Medium: Now $50/month for 4 GB (was $45/month for 3GB)
  • Large: Now $70/month for 8 GB (was $60/month for 6GB)
  • X-Large: Now $90/month for 16 GB (was $80/month for 12GB)
  • XX-Large: Now $110/month for 24 GB (was $100/month for 18GB)

The price is in addition to the fee you pay for each device, $20 a month for a smartphone on a payment plan and $10 a month for a tablet.

Do I Need to Use a New Verizon Plan?

The biggest questions consumers have so far are, ” Do I have to switch to the new Verizon Plan?” and “Can I switch to the new Verizon Plan without upgrading?”

Verizon offers flexibility here so that you can choose when you upgrade or if you upgrade to the new Verizon plans.

You can stick with your current plan if you like the price you pay and features you get.

If you want these new options and features, you can upgrade to the new Verizon data plans on July 7th or later.

You Need the New Verizon App

The new Verizon app is at the center of the new Verizon plans. If you already have the app it will automatically update on July 7th to add the new features.

The new Verizon app is at the center of the new Verizon plans.

The new Verizon app is at the center of the new Verizon plans.

The new Verizon app adds the following features, allowing you to control and monitor your account without a phone call or logging into a website.

  • The Feed: All you need to know about your data, account and bill in one real-time feed, with personalized products and content just for you.
  • The Data Hub: Your data control center. Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more if you need it.
  • Shop: The fastest and easiest way to browse, buy and customize the latest devices, all without leaving the app.
  • On-Demand Support: In-app help that’s there before you need it with immediate answers without calling for help.
  • Simplified Bill: A clear and simple bill that explains what’s changed from month-to-month. Understand and pay your bill with just a few taps.

The new Verizon app is free to download and use on iPhone and Android.

If you don’t have this app yet, you need to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How does Verizon Rollover Data Work?

Verizon rollover data is finally a feature that subscribers can enjoy. This is actually called Carryover Data, but it works very much like you would expect based on what other carriers offer.

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Unlike competitors that allow users to roll over data for months, the Verizon Carryover Data only brings data from the last month over. The rollover is automatic and it includes any extra data you purchase at the end of a month to get you through.

What is Safety Mode?

The new Verizon Safety Mode is an option you can enable on your account to slow down the speeds on all devices connected to your account when you use all of data you pay for.

Once you hit this limit Safety Mode slows down data from 4G LTE speeds to 128kpbs to allow you to keep using data without buying more data.

This is a much slower speed, but it will keep you online, without buying 1GB of data for $15. Safety Mode is $5 on Small, Medium and Large Plans and free on the X-Large and XX-Large plans.

This is everything you need to know about the new Verizon plans in 2016.

This is everything you need to know about the new Verizon plans in 2016.

What is Data Boost?

If you use Safety Mode, but you also need to quickly add 4G LTE data to your account to complete a download or task before you get on an airplane or go offline you can add Data Boost.

For $15 you can add Data Boost to your plan which gives you 1GB of 4G LTE data.

New International Calling, Texting & Data Upgrades

With some of the new Verizon plans you now get unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico and Canada without adding any special access to your account.

With Small, Medium and Large Plans you can add unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada for $5 a month and talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada for $2 a day.

If you use the XL and XXL Verizon Plans you get all of that usage included with the price you pay. This simply uses the data that you already pay for.

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