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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 4.3 & 8 Reasons You Should



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Don't Install if You Are Traveling

Don't Install if You Are Traveling

Are you on a vacation or a business trip where you want to make sure your Apple Watch is your constant companion? 

If so, don't even think about installing iOS 11.3 and watchOS 4.3 on your trip. Combined this process will take at least 2 hours out of your trip and likely tie your watch and phone up for much longer 

You'll also run the risk of something going wrong and you ending up stuck with no Apple Watch until you can go to an Apple Store or spend more time troubleshooting. 

None of this is fun while on vacation and you likely won't have time on a work trip either. Wait until you are at home with a steady internet connection and a lot of time before you upgrade to watchOS 4.3.

12 / 12
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