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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 4.3 & 8 Reasons You Should



Install if You Use Apple Music

Install if You Use Apple Music

You can no longer browse the music on your iPhone through your Apple Watch, but there is a major reason to install it if you use Apple Music. 

With Apple Music you can store songs on your Apple Watch and soon you will be able to stream all of the Apple Music library to your Apple Watch. With watchOS 4 your most listened to songs will now automatically sync to the Apple watch so you have your Heavy Rotation, Favorites Mix and New Music Mix to keep you going. 

The upgrades Siri watch face also now shows when new songs are added to Apple Music mixes on your watch face. 

If you decide to buy the Apple Watch 3, you can stream without your iPhone, but in this case you will need your iPhone or WiFi. 

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