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4 Reasons to Switch to AT&T, 3 Reasons Not to



Switch to AT&T for Deals, Discounts & Thanks

Switch to AT&T for Deals, Discounts & Thanks

Do you wish you got free stuff from your carrier or simply wished your company offered an employee discount on your cell phone service? You can switch to AT&T for discounts, deals, and the AT&T Thanks program. 

Like most major carriers, AT&T offers discounts for employees, active duty military members, and veterans. You can check the AT&T Signature Program before you switch to find out what discounts your company gets at AT&T. 

Active Duty and Veterans get 15% off, AARP members get 10% off and IBM employees get 23% off. Many other companies qualify. You can check out the discounts online or in store. Some plans include discounts on accessories as well as your monthly service. 

The AT&T Thanks program is a way you can get discounts on a range of things. This includes a Buy One Get one movie ticket deal on Tuesdays, priority access to pre-sale tickets at Live Nation, personal delivery of your new phone, hotspot access and more. 



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