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4 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Buds & 3 Reasons Not to



Here’s everything we know so far about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds, and why they’re worth waiting for. Recent reports have all but confirmed that Samsung will debut some fresh new Galaxy Buds along with the Galaxy S10 this month to take on the Airpods 2, and new Pixel Buds from Google.

Buyers looking for great wireless headphones have some great options and Bluetooth earbuds are a trendy new category for mobile makers. Especially considering Apple’s Airpods don’t play nice with Android.

The original Icon X earbuds from Samsung weren’t that great, Google Pixel Buds aren’t truly wireless, and Apple hasn’t announced new Airpods yet. As a result, you might want to wait for the new “Tuned by AKG” Galaxy Buds coming in March. Basically Samsung’s 2019 Gear IconX earbuds. Here’s why.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Rumors

According to several reports, Samsung is working on a few different wearable devices for 2019. From a new smartwatch, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit and more. In fact, Samsung Galaxy Buds, sporting the model number SM-R170, recently received Bluetooth certifications and cleared the FCC, all but confirming they’re coming soon.

Furthermore, we just received our first images of the Samsung Galaxy Buds sitting inside the case, which features wireless charging. Even more exciting, the earbuds are charging from the back of a Galaxy S10, which will feature reverse wireless charging.

Charge your earphones by sitting them on your phone (Galaxy S10)

While the original Gear Icon X are nice, they had more than a few shortcomings. A big one being Bluetooth that cut out frequently, especially depending on where your phone or source was located. If your phone was on your left but the main earbud on the right, it’d cut out. Not to mention poor battery life.

Samsung’s original earphones were really bulky too, especially compared to Apple’s sleek design on the Airpod. However, considering those were released in late 2017, the Galaxy phone maker could have something great up its sleeve nearly two years later. Technology has come a long way, and we’re expecting a nice set of compact wireless earbuds from Samsung that will complement the Galaxy S10.

With that in mind, here are some reasons you might want to skip buying any of the current Buds and wait for the second-gen Galaxy Buds. Whether that’s sometime in early 2019 with the Galaxy S10, after Mobile World Congress, or later this year with the Galaxy Note 10. We’ll also go over a few reasons they aren’t worth waiting for.

Wait For a Sleek New Design

Wait For a Sleek New Design

As we said earlier, the Samsung Gear IconX headphones are pretty bulky. They got announced and released in 2017, and technology has vastly improved since then. The 2018 model looked the same, but the Galaxy Buds won't. 

We're almost certain that Samsung's new Galaxy Buds will sport a sleek new design that's more compact, comfortable, yet still offer better sound, features and battery life. And while we doubt they'll look like Airpods, we could see some sort of longer design to enhance connectivity. 

Almost every major wireless earbud has a big bulky design, except for Apple. With a beautiful new Galaxy S10 on the way it just makes sense for Samsung to pair it with some unique new headphones owners can enjoy. Heck, they might even give them away at a steep discount with orders of the Galaxy S10.

Basically, nothing available right now is very good so we suggest waiting for the Galaxy Buds in 2019. 

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