Refurbished iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Deals Off Up to $100 Off
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Refurbished iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Deals Off Up to $100 Off



You can now save almost $100 buying a refurbished iPhone 6 or refurbished iPhone 6 Plus from AT&T, but there is one catch that may turn off some buyers. You’ll need to buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on the AT&T Next plan or off contract — there is no subsidized price option at this time.

Apple does not sell a refurbished iPhone 6 or refurbished iPhone 6 Plus at Apple Stores, but you can order from AT&T. These refurbished iPhone 6 deals are online only, so you cannot go to a local AT&T store either.

AT&T currently offers just about $100 off each iPhone 6 refurbished model and nearly $150 off the refurbished iPhone 6 Plus models. AT&T calls these Certified Like-New models.

Save big with refurbished iPhone 6 and refurbished iPhone 6 Plus deals.

Save big with refurbished iPhone 6 and refurbished iPhone 6 Plus deals.

Here’s what this means and what you can expect for a cheaper refurbished iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Unlike most Apple refurbished items, there is less of a warranty here, so make sure you consider that before buying.

AT&T promises that this is a like new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This means you will not get a bent iPhone 6 or see scratches on the glass or body. In fact, it should look exactly like a brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus when you take it out of the box. The box includes Apple EarPods with a remote control and inline microphone, a Lightning cable and a USB charger. This is exactly what you find in the box of a new iPhone.

The biggest difference is that this includes a 90 day warranty instead of a 1 year warranty. You can still buy iPhone 6 insurance through AT&T or a third-party. It is not clear if you can buy AppleCare+ on a refurbished iPhone 6 that did not come from Apple, but there is a good chance you will not be able to.

To save $100 or more, you’ll trade in that ability, but you can pick up an iPhone 6 warranty for about $99 for two years of coverage. You’ll spend your savings, but you’ll gain a warranty that covers accidental damage. There is a $75 deductible if you make a claim, but that’s still cheaper than buying a new iPhone 6 off contract while still paying for the broken one.

AT&T offers the refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in multiple colors and storage options from 16GB up to 128GB and includes gold, silver and space gray. If you need help, here’s which iPhone 6 color you should buy and why you shouldn’t buy a 16GB iPhone 6.

Here is the price breakdown for the refurbished iPhone 6 and refurbished iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T.

iPhone ModelNew Off ContractOff ContractAT&T Next 24 (Monthly)AT&T Next 18 (Monthly)AT&T Next 12 (Monthly)
iPhone 6 - 16GB$649.00$552.49$18.42$23.02$27.63
iPhone 6 - 64GB$749.00$637.49$21.25$26.57$31.88
iPhone 6 - 128GB$849.00$722.49$24.09$30.11$36.13
iPhone 6 Plus - 16GB$749.00$637.49$21.25$26.57$31.88
iPhone 6 Plus - 64GB$849.00$722.49$24.09$30.11$36.13
iPhone 6 Plus - 128GB$949.00$807.49$26.92$33.65$40.38

The table above shows the potential for almost $150 in savings on a refurbished iPhone 6 Plus and close to $100 off the iPhone 6 refurbished models. With no option to buy these refurbished iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus phones on a contract you will need to pay for the phone monthly or all up front, but you can save.

The AT&T refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus deals come and go as stock changes, so if you don’t see any of the iPhone 6 model you want, check back in a few days as things will change.

You can read our iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison for more of the differences between these two phones and read our iPhone 6 review and iPhone 6 Plus review for more information.

13 Awesome iPhone 6 Cases

Apple Leather iPhone 6 Cases

Apple Leather iPhone 6 Cases

One of the most popular iPhone 6 cases is the leather iPhone 6 case from Apple. This case is one that you can find in any Apple Store on release day and is also listed with many carriers. 

Apple designs the leather iPhone 6 case with premium leather in a small form factor that adds minimal bulk to the new iPhone. You can find the leather iPhone 6 case in five color options that match the white and black front of the iPhone 6.

Watch out if you buy the red iPhone 6 case as the leather model for the iPhone 5s wore very fast and looked dirty and grey soon after purchasing.

 $45 at Apple



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