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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 10 Release Date Tips



Don't Believe Customer Service Reps

Don't Believe Customer Service Reps

Samsung customer service reps sometimes "confirm" updates to customers over the phone or via online chats. Unfortunately, customer service reps are almost always wrong. 

Over the years, customer service reps have fed customers bad information. For example they "confirmed" the Galaxy S6 Android Oreo update multiple times (Reddit and XDA-Forums) only for the device to stick around on Android Nougat. They're doing the same with Android 10. 

Samsung customer service reps have told Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 users that Android 10 is coming. Sadly, they cannot be trusted. 

So, if you see information from customer service reps making the rounds, don't get your hopes up. There's a very good chance their info is wrong. 

You should only get excited if Samsung or a carrier partner confirms plans or we see a Wi-Fi certification with Android 10 on board. 

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