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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 10 Release Date Tips



Don't Wait for Samsung to Fix Android Pie Problems

Don't Wait for Samsung to Fix Android Pie Problems

At this point, with Android 10 unconfirmed and bug fix updates becoming more sporadic, you can't rely on Samsung and/or your carrier to fix issues plaguing your Galaxy Note 8. So if you're dealing with Android Pie-related problems, you'll need to be proactive.

If Samsung or your carrier pushes a new version of Android Pie, dig into feedback and install it if you think it could improve your device's performance.

If you're feeling leery, or if an update isn't available, spend some time trying to fix the issue yourself before getting in contact with Samsung customer service or embarking on a search for a new phone. 

We've put together a lengthy list of fixes for Galaxy Note 8 problems that could help you solve your issue(s) long before Samsung or your carrier rolls out the next software update. 

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