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10 Galaxy S8 Android Pie Release Date Tips



Where & When to Check for Android Pie

Where & When to Check for Android Pie

If you're excited about Android Pie you're probably wondering about the update's release date and time for your device. 

If you moved to the Galaxy S8 from an iPhone, you're probably used to getting software updates at a very precise time.

Apple's iOS updates almost always arrive in and around 10AM Pacific during the week. Samsung's release protocol is a whole lot different. 

It's difficult to predict exactly when your Galaxy S8 Android Pie update will arrive. Samsung's roll outs take place over several weeks (as opposed to a single day on iPhone) with many different release dates. 

We expect the first Galaxy S8 Android Pie updates to start rolling out in February or March. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon keep their customers in the dark but others, like Rogers, like to post release dates ahead of time. 

If your carrier doesn't post a schedule you should also keep an eye on Galaxy S8 update support pages (like this one at AT&T) because they'll confirm the roll out. 

Once your Galaxy S8 Android Pie update starts rolling out, you'll want to occasionally check for the update via your Settings.

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