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SNES Classic Release: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know

Many of us have a collection of old video games just waiting to be played. They sit there, week after week collecting dust in our closet and living rooms. One day, we’ll give up on ever revisiting them. The highly anticipated SNES Classic release is cause for celebration. If you’re one of the many users that stashed away games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1990s, this is probably your most exciting video games related launch rumored for 2017.

Hinted at in recent reports, the SNES Classic is yet another play for the hearts and wallets of people who love classic video games. That’s why the SNES Classic release could turn out to be a huge deal for long time fans. After spending years going after companies and fans that created emulators to play their classic games, Nintendo seems to have come around to making those games available themselves – provided gamers are willing to pay for extra hardware. The company launched an NES Classic video game console last year that took the world by storm.

The original SNES.
The SNES Classic will be a smaller version of the original SNES. / Roms at Home

Reportedly, the SNES Classic release is on its way. Here are 5 things that buyers need to know about the rumored new nostalgia play from Nintendo.

SNES Classic Release Date

News of the SNES Classic release didn’t come directly from Nintendo. Instead, it came in a report from Eurogamer, which has provided accurate information about plans for video game consoles in the past.

Citing “sources close to the company,” the report alleges that development of a SNES Classic console has started and that Nintendo needed to kill off the NES Classic console that sold wildly last holiday season to make room for it.

The NES Classic
The NES Classic

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System launched in 1990 in Japan and 1991 in North America. Its graphics look dated compared to the graphics of today’s games, but back then they were great. It didn’t hurt that Nintendo trotted out an impressive list of games for it. Super Mario World came with the SNES. Later versions included Super Mario Kart, a franchise that’s due to get a release on the Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Those with the original console can still enjoy their favorite games, but the SNES left store shelves in 2003 for good.

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The sources mentioned in the report say that Nintendo plans to schedule the SNES Classic release date for the holiday shopping season, meaning it could be anytime between early November and mid-December. The NES Classic arrived on store shelves on November 11th last year.

SNES Classic Price

Reliving your childhood tends to not be cheap. The NES Classic was the exception to the trend though. It only cost $59.99, which is about the same amount of cash purchasing a new video game for modern console costs today. A USB cable connected the updated NES controller with the console, which didn’t accept cartridges.

We’ve seen or heard nothing that indicates that the SNES Classic price will be more than the NES Classic. That being said, nothing is a sure thing until Nintendo shares SNES Classic release details.

target store
The SNES Classic could be just as hard to find at retail stores like Target as the NES Classic was.

SNES Classic Will Be Hard to Find

There are lots of things that we don’t know about the SNES Classic. One of the things we do know is that that the SNES Classic release will absolutely be a trying time for fans. We know this because Nintendo has a terrible record estimating demand and producing enough hardware for everyone that wants their new products at launch.

The NES Classic was discontinued in early April, but it was ridiculously difficult to track down for months before that. Toys R Us, GameStop and Amazon reported running out of the consoles as fast as they could get them in stores. The launch turned ugly when those that managed to get their hands on the NES Classic began selling them on eBay and other auction sites for double or triple what they’d paid.

To make matters worse, NES Classic pre-orders weren’t something that you could place at launch. It’s unclear whether they’ll be SNES Classic pre-orders either.

SNES Classic Games

We do know a bit about how SNES Classic games will work. The report specifically mentions that Nintendo plans to keep the ideas it had for the NES Classic.

Super Mario Kart could come with the SNES Classic.

Both the NES and SNES used cartridges to deliver games the same way the Xbox One and PS4 use Blu-ray discs to deliver them today. The NES Classic was too small to use cartridges and Nintendo didn’t want to have to setup a new ecosystem to make games for the system available. Instead, it pre-loaded 30 games onto the system itself for free. It appears it’ll do the same for the SNES Classic release.

When We Could Learn More About the SNES Classic Release

Don’t expect to hear an official SNES Classic release date until around September. Nintendo is notorious for keeping release dates quiet until the launch is almost at hand. That being said, it could acknowledge that the SNES Classic exists at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. After all, the NES Classic turned out to be a huge boost for the company’s profile as it prepared to announced the Nintendo Switch in January.

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