Star Wars Battlefront: 10 Things to Know in February
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Star Wars Battlefront: 10 Things to Know in February



A-Wing Problems Still a Problem

A-Wing Problems Still a Problem

The companies also addressed another ongoing problem with Star Wars Battlefront. 

The January update didn't fix issues with the A-Wing fighter and that's left many users frustrated in the aftermath of the release. 

Fortunately, it looks like the companies will be looking into the problem and a DICE developer has vowed to alleviate the issues in a future update. Here is the full statement about the problems with the A-Wing:

"Many of you have come to the forums and have DM'ed many times about the A-Wing. We're very aware of the reports around the A-Wing and are very much looking to address a lot of the communities concerns. Unfortunately, A-Wing changes did not make it into the January Update.

The team is working to bring a lot of these fixes in our February update, and we will provide specific details as we get closer to that launch. We do not currently have an ETA for the February release."

So, we should see a fix arrive for these issues later on this month. In the meantime, gamers are encouraged to supply the developer and publisher with feedback on this thread.



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