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5 Things to Know About OnePlus Android Pie Updates



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OnePlus Android 9 Update Release Date

OnePlus Android 9 Update Release Date

We went over what devices will see the update, what's new, and when betas will likely start. Now, we want to discuss the official update release timeframe

More specifically, when will my OnePlus phone get Android 9?

Well, we have good and bad news. Starting September 21st the OnePlus 6 received the first Pie update. Anyone with an eligible OnePlus 6 can enjoy the official update to Android 9 Pie. This isn't a beta, that's official software. 

Then, the company finally opened the OnePlus 5/5T beta to the public on December 12th. You can try it now, or wait for the actual update within the next 2-3 weeks.

We believe the older OnePlus 3 and 3T will see a beta or the official update within the next 45 days, also. 

Unfortunately, in a recent interview, the OnePlus CEO casually mentioned the Android 9 update is delayed for older devices. So while the OP5 and OnePlus 3 could see Pie in December, don't be surprised if the wait gets pushed until late January or potentially even later in 2019. At least for the 3/3T. 

In previous years it took them 3-4 months to deliver updates, which started to arrive around December or January. The long beta program should speed that up a little bit, but by how much is a complete mystery until updates start rolling out. Now that we're seeing the beta for the OnePlus 5 and 5T, the launch is right around the corner. 

Basically, we don't think users will have to wait until next year to get it, but older devices could be in for a short wait. 

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing issues on Oreo, here’s a roundup of some potential fixes. That should help with any major problems that arise. 

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