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Track Your Travel Carbon Footprint With TripIt



If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint from travel, whether its a vacation or you spend most of your year flying, the new TripIt update can help you track the environmental impact of your flights and even offset it right from the app.

This new update to Tripit now automatically pulls in the environmental impact of flights across carriers to show you what this travel compares to, and then offers suggestions on how to offset the carbon footprint from your travel.

It’s a handy tool, especially for travelers looking to make a difference in 2020. While air travel has an impact on the environment, many professionals who care about their carbon footprint still need to fly for work.

Tripit app carbon footprint section.

Make your flying carbon neutral with TripIt.

The new TripIt app automatically tracks carbon emissions from flights and aggregates it for you over the next year. You can see your flight’s carbon emissions, track the carbon footprint for the year and then see how you can offset the carbon footprint right in the app — without going and looking for a calculator or other tool.

TripIt uses the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate the carbon footprint. This is the same tool that American and European government agencies use. This uses a variety of factors including distance, environmental factors and even if you are flying in first class.

In the app, you can see your annual and lifetime carbon footprint. In addition to the offset data, the app shows tips to lower your carbon footprint, like flying economy, carpooling to the airport and taking direct flights.

After you install the latest TripIt update, you can open the app and then tap on the flight detail screen to see the carbon footprint for your current flight. On the Travel Stats section of the More tab, you can see your cumulative carbon footprint information and get more details on how to offset it. This looks like a useful way to make your flying carbon neutral.

Download TripIt for iPhone or Android to get started. Don’t forget to check out the best flight tracking apps and our list of the best offline apps for long flights.

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