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6 Reasons to Wait for the Pixel 4a & 4 Reasons Not To



Google’s latest Pixel 4 is a good phone with plenty to offer, but some of you might be better off waiting for the cheaper Pixel 4a that’s coming soon.

The Pixel 4 XL has a lot of competition right now, and with even more coming next year from the Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro. And while we like Google’s latest phone, there are some marginal changes and outright bad decisions (battery life & storage) that makes waiting for next year not just a good idea, but a great idea.

In early 2019 Google surprised just about everyone with the Pixel 3a, a budget model of the flagship Pixel 3. There weren’t a lot of trade-offs at the lower price, making it a very compelling device, and we have a feeling something similar is coming here in early 2020. Plus, new leaks reveal that it is a pretty excellent budget phone worth waiting for.

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Google Pixel 4a Rumors & Speculation (2020)

Obviously, we don’t know much about the Pixel 4a yet, mainly because the Pixel 4 is still pretty new. But given the poor reviews about the Pixel 4 and some early problems, and the fact that we got a 3a last year, we’re fairly confident Google will refresh its smartphone in April or May of 2020. One thing we don’t know is if they’ll release two models again this year, or just one. Rumors suggest only one device is coming.

As 2020 moves ahead and the first few phones arrive, expect to see at least one or two small Pixel 4a rumors emerge. Small information regarding potential changes, upgrades, or differences while keeping the price low. We’re already seeing leaked renders, so more info is right around the corner. This phone will hold you over until the Pixel 5 later this year.

Google continues to make huge strides with each upgrade, and every phone is much better than the previous generation. That applies to the Pixel 3a earlier this year too. The only “downsides” to the affordable Pixel 3 was that Google removed the IP68 water-resistant rating, cut out wireless charging, and made the phone out of plastic, which is obviously more durable than glass — and less fragile. So is that really a trade-off?

In a way, the Pixel 3a didn’t seem like a downgrade, but more of a side-grade for those wanting a different type of Google experience without spending $900. It was and is a very affordable alternative that a lot of people bought. They even offered a slightly bigger Pixel 3a XL for $499 which was a great deal too. That said, a brand new rumor suggests we’ll only get a Pixel 4a this year, and no XL variant.

So while we haven’t heard too much about a Pixel 4a yet, if Google follows the same path as the Pixel 3a buyers will be in for quite the treat. A phone with plenty to offer and hopefully better battery life than the Pixel 4, most of the same useful features, perhaps a better screen and 5G support all while costing a lot less money. Sounds like a win-win, right? With that all said, here’s what we want to see from a 4a and a few reasons you should or shouldn’t wait for the Pixel 4a.

Wait For a More Affordable Experience

Wait For a More Affordable Experience

First and foremost, and perhaps most obvious, is that you should wait for the Pixel 4a to get a more affordable smartphone. The Pixel 4 is expensive, and almost everyone will want the bigger Pixel 4 XL instead, which starts at $899 for only 64GB of space. 

We strongly recommend anyone that's considering the Pixel 4 or 4 XL to wait for the Pixel 4a instead as they'll get a similar experience at a far more affordable price. 

Basically, the Pixel 3a didn't feel like as much of a downgrade as we expected, or it should have. It still had the same Android experience as the more expensive and premium Pixel 3, a gorgeous AMOLED display, essentially the same camera setup and a similar design. It was simply an affordable phone for the masses, similar to a Nexus, and most Android fans loved it.

Expect the same thing to come out a few months into 2020. The Pixel 4a could fix a few of the Pixel 4 mistakes and come in at just $399 or $449. Then we hope they'll still offer a bigger Pixel 4a XL that's around $499 or $549. 

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