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Xbox One X Setup Guide



This is what you need to do to setup the Xbox One X, and how you can get up and gaming faster using your current Xbox One or Xbox One S as well as an external hard drive. If you are giving the Xbox One X as a gift, make sure you do this before Christmas morning, since you will need to download a big update and then wait for it to install before anyone can play.

Expect to spend at least 30 to 60 minutes to setup the Xbox One X. The bulk of this time will be downloading and installing updates, even if you prepared by downloading the 4K updates for your Xbox One X Enhanced games before getting the Xbox One X. If you run into any issues, here’s how to fix Xbox One X problems.

Here's how to setup the Xbox One X.

Here’s how to setup the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X is just a little smaller than the Xbox One S, and significantly smaller than the Xbox one. The ports are set up exactly the same as the Xbox One S, so you can just swap the cords, but you shouldn’t do that just yet. You’ll want the old Xbox connected and online for the setup process.

Here’s what to do to setup the Xbox One X so you can get started playing games faster.

  1. Unbox the Xbox One X.
  2. Plug in the HDMI to the back of your Xbox One X.
  3. Plug the other end into your HDMI one port if using a 4K TV.
  4. Plug in External Hard Drive if you have one.
  5. Put Batteries in Controller.
  6. Turn on Console.
  7. Turn on Controller.
  8. Pair them using the connect buttons on both.
  9. Press A.
  10. Choose to use your Settings from the External hard drive if you have one.
  11. Connect via Ethernet or WiFi.
  12. Download and install the update.
  13. Enter your Xbox Live password.
  14. Decide if you want to try GamePass free for 14 days.
  15. Choose to see a guide or go straight to the dashboard.
  16. Switch to 4K when prompted if you are on a 4K TV.
  17. If you need to move stuff from your old console go to
    1. Settings, System, Backup & transfer, Network transfer.
    2. Select your old Xbox One.
    3. Select the items you want to transfer.
    4. Choose Copy Selected.
    5. Choose if you want to copy them to an Internal or External drive.
    6. Wait for the games to install. This will go pretty fast since it is all local.
  18. You can go to My Apps & games, Updates and use the drop down filter on the upper right to see updates for Xbox One X games.

Her are the best Xbox One X accessories you can buy to upgrade your experience while using the powerful new console. We also have an awesome list of Xbox One X headsets to upgrade your game experience.

9 Best Xbox One X Accessories You Need In Your Life

Xbox One Media Remote - $24.99

Xbox One Media Remote - $24.99

Covered in soft-touch plastic, the Xbox One Media Remote is a must-buy for anyone that does more than just play games on their console.

The Xbox One X comes with access to dozens of media apps and it supports 4K video streaming from Microsoft Movies & TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If you buy the Xbox One Media Remote you, or a family member, can navigate these entertainment apps without the Xbox One Controller. The remote’s buttons are large and a directional pad allows for easy app navigation. An accelerometer turns on lights inside the media remote so that you can see the button you need before you press the wrong one.

Target sells the Xbox One Media Remote for $24.99.

Buy the Xbox One Media Remote from Target for $24.99

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