Clash Royale Update: 7 Changes We Want Next

Since being released globally back in March the hit game Clash Royale has changed a lot. Multiple Clash Royale updates have added better features, new troops, a Tournament mode and more. That said, we know another huge update is coming soon, and it will be one of the most important updates ever for Clash Royale.

The developers at Supercell, who also made Clash of Clans, have been listening to user feedback, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and making lots of adjustments. The July update was pretty big with four new cards two of which were legendary, but the Tournament mode has been a disappointment and needs fixing.


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While the developers are still working hard to perfect the game with new additions, game balancing adjustments and new troops, it could be even better. Obviously many of the popular troops in Clash of Clans are also in Clash Royale, but we could be seeing one more in the near future, not to mention other exciting changes. Below are changes that need to come to Clash Royale.


We’ve seen at least one major update each month since the release date, except for in August. The entire company took a vacation in July, which is to blame, but something big is now in the works. They know the game is somewhat “broken” and have big plans to fix it. Like making Legendary cards easier to get, improving trophy and matchmaking systems, balancing troops, and fixing Tournaments. Those aren’t the only problems though, and we want even more. This is an extremely important update to the future of the game.

As we all know, Tournament mode is pretty awful and needs a serious rework, which is exactly the developers plan. It’s too expensive, takes too long, impossible to find one that isn’t full, and usually players face too many higher players and have no chance of winning. Then if they do, the rewards are pretty awful. Supercell has stated they plan to completely overhaul Tournaments, and it can’t come soon enough.


A recent update tweaked the Royal Giant, cut down the Zap and changed a few things, but that wasn’t nearly enough. We see the same 3-4 decks, and need more diversity.

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When it comes to playing Clash Royale it’s all about strategy. Players get the same amount of Elixir to buy troops to attack their enemy, and it’s all about being strategic, fast to react, and keeping track of your Elixir. In the end the goal is to have a good trade-off and out maneuver your opponent and take down a tower or two for the win.

There are multiple ways to win and countless different decks that can be extremely deadly, but we want even more choices. Everyone plays different, and each player has unique strengths and weaknesses, as do certain troops, which what makes the game fun. That said, there are still some changes that the majority of players think need to happen, and new troops that could add a lot of excitement to the game. Not everyone will agree with what’s detailed below, but for the most part they’d be a welcomed edition to Clash Royale. I’d go as far as to say these changes need to happen.


Our slideshow below goes over a few awesome changes, new troops, or features we’d like to see come in the next Clash Royale update. These aren’t confirmed or even rumored, but are what we want to see next. We’ve asked for Legendary cards to be more attainable, and that’s finally the plan in the next update. How they actually do it though, is anyone’s guess, and players shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.

Healer or Healing Spell

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Healer or Healing Spell

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are both made by Supercell, and as a result the games are bleeding into one another. Many of the Clash Royale troops came from Clash of Clans, and recent updates added Royale troops to Clans.

It's a great way to keep developer costs down, yet give players something they are familiar with. Looking at Clash of Clans almost every single troop is also available in Clash Royale, except the Healer.

Most likely she'll be coming at some point, but we're not sure when, or how it will be implemented. Either the healer as a high 5-7 elixir card that's a risky investment, or a healing spell. We could even see the Grand Warden come as a Legendary, with a tap for a momentary invincibility. Pair that with a hog, danger. As things are right now most of the spells and troops are in both games, but the healer or healing spell are missing. This has been mentioned in the Clash Royale forum, but hasn't come to pass yet.

The Healer would be a great card to combat freeze spells, poison, or just give those deadly built-up troops making their way to the other side of the bridge a little extra push. Although, she could very easily be arrowed, taken out by a Tesla or other defensive units. This needs to be done very carefully, or it could be way too powerful.

Honestly I'm not sure what I think about this idea, but it's been mentioned a lot in forums and would really bring another dimension to a slowing game. We know things are getting stale with the same few decks, so lets mix it up.

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