iOS 10.3.2 Release: 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

With an iOS 10.3.2 release date inching closer we want to help iPhone and iPad users avoid some common mistakes.

The iOS 10.3.1 update is still the current version of iOS 10 but its reign should be coming to an end in the near future.

Apple’s got an iOS 10.3.2 update in beta ahead of a wider release for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch later this year. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c didn’t get the first iOS 10.3.2 beta but the latest beta release confirms a release for the two 32-bit devices.

The company hasn’t confirmed an iOS 10.3.2 release date yet but we expect the update to push out in a few short weeks. We’re currently on iOS 10.3.2 beta 2 for developers and those testing the update in the free Beta Software Program.

With the iOS 10.3.2 beta making progress and the release getting closer, we want to help you prepare for Apple’s iOS 10.3.2 release.

We’ve taken a close look at the beta and the update’s release and today we want to offer some more tips to help on the road to release.

You’ll want to start by avoiding some of these mistakes. Keep these in mind as we press on toward the iOS 10.3.2 release.

Make Sure You Prepare

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Make Sure You Prepare

Make sure you prepare yourself, and your device, before you make the jump to iOS 10.3.2.

If you haven't made a backup in awhile or if you don't know how to make a backup, now would be a good time to get on that.

iOS 10.3.2 will likely be small but even the tiniest iOS updates can cause problems. You'll want to make sure you're comfortable with the backup/restore process (iCloud backup here, iTunes backup herebefore you install it. Not during, not after. Before. 

If you have an IT department at your company, they might be using the iOS 10.3.2 beta. It might be wise to check-in with them before the iOS 10.3.2 release date to see if they have any advice about important apps and services. 

We recommend bookmarking fixes for potential iOS 10.3.2 problems so that you're as prepared. You won't be able to predict iOS 10.3.2 problems so it's important to be prepared, particularly if your phone/tablet is important for your day-to-day at work or school. 

For more on the pre-installation process, please take a look at our walkthrough. It's never too early to get some prep work done and it'll go a long way toward preventing problems on your device. 

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