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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 6T Can Do



The OnePlus 6T is an impressive phone with plenty of neat new features. You’ll love the huge display and the dual cameras, but that’s not all the phone has to offer. In fact, here’s a list of 10 cool things the OnePlus 6T can do to help you get the most out of your phone.

At first glance, it just looks like an improved OnePlus 6. It has a familiar design and notch, two cameras on the back, and a few small changes here and there. Don’t let that fool you though, as there are some noteworthy new features and software tweaks on board.

If you just bought the new OnePlus 6T, even over something like the Galaxy Note 9, you’ll want to take advantage of every feature you paid for. Some are these are well-known to OnePlus fans, while others are exciting ones you probably didn’t know about.

Considering this phone is only $549 you’re getting a ton for your money. It’s just as capable, or better than leading devices like the iPhone Xs or Galaxy S9+. Furthermore, if this is the first OnePlus phone you’ve ever owned, now that it’s available from T-Mobile and works on Verizon, this guide will be extremely helpful.

Everyone knows the OP6T has a big screen, the fastest face-unlock, and a clean and smooth version of Android. There are two cameras on the back, and of course, it can take Portrait mode photos like most of the competition. Those are all neat, but here we’ll focus on those hidden features that make it extra exciting.

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We’ll show you how to tap the screen and unlock the phone, control the software or even open apps with gestures or swipes, and get the most out of that 6.41-inch AMOLED screen. You can even run two of the same apps in parallel, take extra-long expanded screenshots, shoot video in slo-mo, or use night mode to capture stunning photos.

There’s a lot more to the OnePlus 6T than just a big display. So, get a screen protector, put it in a durable case, and enjoy all the features detailed below.

Powerful Gesture Controls

Powerful Gesture Controls

As you can probably tell, future smartphones will be 100% screen in the front and won't have any buttons at all. The OnePlus 6T is almost all-screen, and that means you'll want to try some of their neat gesture controls.

Yes, you can control your phone with hand and finger gestures like Tony Stark. Head to Settings > Buttons > Navigation Bar & Gestures > Nav Gestures > and give it a try.

For one, you can ditch the buttons for gesture navigation similar to what we're seeing from Apple's iPhone X or the Pixel 3 XL. Or, try drawing letters on the screen (even when it's turned off) to instantly launch the camera, open apps, or complete other tasks.

It's basically one more way to do things on the phone and do them quickly. Control your music, launch the camera and more. We like how gestures remove the on-screen keys, giving users the entire 6.4.1-inch screen to enjoy. 

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