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9 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 11.4 Beta



Block Off Time for the Install

Block Off Time for the Install

If you decide to install the iOS 11.4 beta, make sure you set aside some free time to get it done. 

The iOS 11.4 beta is a pretty sizable download and you'll want to block off at least 10-15 minutes of free time to get the job done. You'll want to block off more time if this is your first time trying a beta.

You'll also want to keep a close eye on the software's performance after you get the iOS 11.4 beta on board your device. Again, problems with early iOS software are common so you'll want to survey to make sure everything checks out. 

Spend some time using your core applications and services to make sure they're all running smoothly. This is important if you rely on your device for work or school. 

You probably don't want to install the iOS 11.4 beta at work. If you install the update at home you'll be near your backups, you'll be on a secure network, and you'll be in a place where you can handle any problems iOS 11.4 beta throws your way. 

Put on some relaxing music, put the kids to bed, whatever is it you have to do to concentrate.



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