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15 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do



A Better Dynamic Display, HDR

A Better Dynamic Display, HDR

We all stare at our phones more than we probably should. It's a concern for a lot of people personally, professions, and for companies like Samsung, Apple and Google. That's why they've added new "Digital Wellbeing" modes, dark modes to go easier on our eyes, night mode (night shift) and things of that nature. 

Samsung's latest screen technology has several new additions to make it the best and healthiest screen yet. 

Night mode cuts down on the blue light from our phones, causing less eye strain, less fatigue, and helps people fall asleep at night. It's a feature most people know about and love. 

Furthermore, the Galaxy S10 is Samsung's first phone with a "Dynamic" AMOLED display. Not only does make it look good, but it has one more MAJOR change most people don't know about. The Dynamic LED screen reduces harmful blue light without changing the on-screen color. That means your phone won't change to a weird orange-ish red color when you use night mode. It's basically built-in and always trying to protect your eyes. 

The Dynamic AMOLED technology keeps the screen colors the same while giving you all the benefits of Night Mode. Add that in with themes and dark mode and your eyes will start to thank you for using a Galaxy S10. 

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