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15 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do



Live Focus & 1000 FPS Video Recording

Live Focus & 1000 FPS Video Recording

My absolute favorite Galaxy S10 feature is the new "Live Focus Video" option. You know that fancy "portrait mode" on the iPhone where the software blurs the background to make images look professional -- known as bokeh? Well, Samsung has that too, and they have for a long time. 

Thanks to the recent Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10, you can now take "portrait mode videos" just by selecting the Live Focus Video option in the camera app. It's freaking amazing and makes all your videos look stunningly crisp, clear, and professional.

You can adjust the level of blur, or even add filters. That way you can take a black and white video where only the subject is in focus. Or in focus and in color while the background is dark. It's really neat. 

That's not all the camera can do either. Another Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ hidden features is the 960 frames-per-second slow-mo video recording. Yes, these phones are capable of basically 1,000 FPS slo-mo. Personally, I stick to the regular 480 FPS slow motion as it seems to work a little better, easier, and doesn't need as much light to actually look good. However, at least you have both options. If you're outdoors, try the 960 FPS mode and impress your friends. 

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