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15 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do



More Cameras & Better Photography

More Cameras & Better Photography

Another cool thing the Galaxy S10 can do is take amazing photos or videos. Seriously, these phones are very capable photography devices. 

Samsung's Galaxy S10 now has more cameras than ever before, and the S10+ has five cameras in total. That main 12MP camera can open wide or close its view to let in more or less light, which makes taking photos in any lighting situation better than ever before. Then, depending on which phone you get the Galaxy S10 can do some other incredible things. 

Both the Galaxy S10 and S10+ have THREE cameras on the back. One main camera, one telephoto zoom lens with 2x optical zoom, and one super wide-angle camera for landscape photos or family portraits. 

Basically, each lens does something different so you get great results no matter what situation or type of photo you're trying to take. Instead of having a great camera with a crappy zoom, you now have a great camera and an entirely separate zoom lens just for taking great photos of things far away.

Even if it's dark the camera sensor has a variable aperture that moves like a human eye and will open wide at night to capture more light and take better photos. Crazy, right?

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