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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy Tab Pie & 7 Reasons You Should



Install Android Pie If You Have Oreo Problems

Install Android Pie If You Have Oreo Problems

If your Galaxy Tab is struggling on Android Oreo, you probably want to install Android Pie right away. It could improve your device's performance.

The Galaxy Tab Android Pie update is far from perfect, but there's a good chance it fixes the issues you're seeing on Oreo. 

Major Android releases like Pie will often fix abnormal battery drain, connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) issues, UI lag, and random reboots.

If you bought a cellular-powered Galaxy Tab S4, you can expect your carrier to tack additional bug fixes onto Android Pie. 

Android Pie update also comes with a few changes to Device Maintenance which is now called Device Care. The company says performance modes are now streamlined and integrated into Power saving modes making it easier than ever to get a handle on key areas of your device's performance. 

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