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4 Reasons to Pre-Order NHL 20 & 3 Reasons Not to



Should you pre-order NHL 20 or should you wait? This guide will help you decide if it is the right time to buy NHL 20 or if it is better to hold out for bigger deals and reviews.

The NHL 20 release date is September 13th for the standard edition, September 10th for the Ultimate and Deluxe editions and September 5th for EA Access. There are three NHL 20 editions to choose from this year, ranging from $59.99 to $99.99. You can save with NHL 20 deals.

Read our full NHL 20 pre-order guide to decide if it is time to put your money down on NHL 20, or if you should hold off. If you buy the game on disk or digitally at Amazon or Best Buy, you can typically cancel, but if you pre-order directly from Sony or Microsoft, you generally are not able to easily cancel.

Here are the Reasons to Pre-Order NHL 20;

  1. Pre-Order for HUT Bonuses
  2. Pre-Order to Play NHL 20 ASAP
  3. Pre-Order if You Find a Good Deal
  4. You Enjoyed the NHL 20 Beta

Here are the Reasons Not to Pre-Order NHL 20;

  1. Wait for NHL 20 Reviews
  2. Wait for Better NHL 20 Deals
  3. Wait for EA to Fix NHL 20 Problems

Read each of the slides below for more details on each of these reasons, so that you can

You can pre-order NHL 20 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Newegg as well as directly on Xbox or Playstation

Pre-Order for HUT Bonuses

Pre-Order for HUT Bonuses

When you buy any NHL 20 edition, you get HUT bonuses. Unlike with Madden 20, EA specifically calls attention to the fact that these are pre-order bonuses. 

This is specifically for the NHL 20 Deluxe and NHL 20 Superstar editions, but it could also be a part of the base edition as well. EA offers up a massive listing of warnings about these bonuses

If you want the SuperStar and Deluxe editions and you want the full value of your bonus items, you should pre-order NHL 20 to make sure you get it all. 

There are time frames where you must open the packs in order to redeem them. You don't get these all at once, and if you miss a date you lose out. 

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