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6 NBA Live 18 Problems & How to Fix Them



With NBA Live 18, Electronic Arts has the most viable alternative to NBA 2K18 ever. Only a slew of NBA Live 18 problems could ruin that.

NBA Live 18 has all the ingredients a good basketball game needs. The title includes all the latest player rosters, with updated graphics, animations and ball handling that look more realistic than they have in previous editions of the game. The One, the new story experience, finally lets you create your own custom character and simulate what it’s like to be a National Basketball Association superstar. When not in an official league game, you can venture out to The Streets and play unofficial games. Your reputation in The Streets effects how other players and league officials see you back in The League.

NBA Live 18 launched on September 15th, and though they aren’t widespread, some Xbox One and PS4 users are having issues with the game. Here’s a breakdown of all the NBA Live 18 problems reported so far. When possible, we’ve included fixes and workarounds so that you can keep playing.

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NBA Live 18 for PS4 Crashes on Some Texts

Some players report that NBA Live 18 for PS4 crashes when they receive in-game text messages related to The One. For now, the issues don’t seem to affect all gamers, just those playing on Sony’s PS4 and PS4 Pro.

If you’ve run into this crash on your PS4, report it to Electronic Arts’ Technical Problems forum.

NBA Live 18 Connectivity Problems

Expect NBA Live 18 connectivity problems as gamers get their copy of the title home and all begin trying to play at the same time. These issues should disappear as traffic to EA’s servers levels out.

Be sure to check your internet connection to make sure that the connectivity problems you’re seeing aren’t thanks to your network. Use a smartphone, computer or tablet that’s connected to the same network to browse a few websites. If the websites load without issue, the problem is with EA’s servers.

If the websites don’t load, the problem is with your connection. Reset your router and call your internet provider for more troubleshooting tips.

NBA Live 18 Game Save Transfer Problems

If you played the NBA Live 18 Demo that arrived in August, you have a game save that’s storing your progress.

To bring that save over to the final version of the game, you need to link the demo to an EA Origin Account. Next, you must link that same account to your final copy of the game. Right now, it’s unclear if the transfer will work after you’ve already started a new character for The One in the final game.

NBA Live 18 Face Scan Skin Tone Problems

NBA Live 18 face scan problems have continued from the game’s demo. The iPhone and Android NBA Live 18 Companion app will successfully scan your face, but sometimes your skin tone doesn’t match the face scan. Why this is happening isn’t yet clear.

A workaround posted to EA Answers forces you to disconnect from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Then, you must go back into the game and manually change your skin tone. After that, go back to the game’s main menu and reconnect to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Your player’s skin tone should match your face scan now.

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Tattoos Disappear

Of all the NBA Live 18 problems reported so far, disappearing tattoos is the most consistent. Tattoos for custom players disappear without warning.

It turns out, face scanning is behind this. Tattoos disappear when you add a face scan to a custom player. This is a bug, but we’re not sure when EA will fix it.

NBA Live 18 Franchise Mode Won’t Open

Some NBA Live 18 players on Xbox One report that Franchise Mode locks on them when they try to play it from an external hard drive. Restarting the console or creating a new team doesn’t fix the problem, unfortunately.

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You will need to move your game files from your external drive to your Xbox One’s internal storage to fix this issue. You can do this from the My Games and Apps area. Select the game and press the Menu button on your controller. Go to the Manage menu and transfer the game to the console and off your external drive.

We’ll continue to update this breakdown of NBA Live 18 problems as more gamers share their experiences online and in forums.

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1 Comment

  1. Cedric Williams

    09/15/2017 at 6:09 pm

    I transferred my files from NBA live on my external to internal drive but Franchise mode still not working just says loading

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