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9 Things to do Before Installing macOS Mojave



This is what you need to do before installing macOS Mojave to make sure the installation and upgrade process goes smoothly, and to make sure your data is safe. You should also do this before installing macOS 10.14.1. This will also help you avoid some macOS Mojave problems and downgrade to macOS High Sierra if you need to.

macOS Mojave update arrived on September 24th, and the macOS 10.14.1 update arrives today as a free upgrade for most Mac computers, but it isn’t coming to all devices that ran macOS High Sierra. If you don’t see the update, click here to find it in the Mac App Store.

This is a major upgrade with tons of new features, and you should make sure you approach it as such so that you don’t lose time to problems, and so that your datas is backed up in case anything goes wrong.

If you are on an older mac, use specific apps for work or are leary of the new APFS file system, these steps are especially important.

This guide is your game plan for getting ready to install the macOS Mojave update without running into loads of problems and issues along the way. Here’s what you need to do before installing macOS Mojave.

  1. Learn About macOS Mojave
  2. Decide If You’re Upgrading or Doing a Clean macOS Mojave Install
  3. Backup Your Mac
  4. Make Sure You Know Your Passwords
  5. Research macOS Mojave Feedback
  6. Prepare Yourself for macOS Mojave Problem
  7. Check App Reviews, Compatibility and Install Updates
  8. Talk to IT Before Installing
  9. Learn About the macOS Mojave Downgrade Options

We also have a guide that will help you decide if you should install macOS Mojave today, or if you should wait. Even if you don’t want to follow all these steps, at least make sure you backup your Mac the right way before upgrading.

Learn About macOS Mojave

Learn About macOS Mojave

Originally announced in June, macOS Mojave is just now arriving for the general public. This is an update focused on delivering a more stable experience and a more refined time with your Mac. 

There are a lot of new macOS Mojave features, Apple isn't making major shifts in design that you will see. Before you install this super bug fix update you should learn more about this upgrade. 

The best place to start is our look at the new macOS Mojave features and how they will change the way you use your Mac. We walk through the biggest changes, and explain how they differ from macOS High Sierra. 

You can also check out Apple's page on macOS Mojave to learn more about other changes and details. 

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