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Apple TV 4K: 4 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons to Wait



Buy If You Own a Bunch of Content and a 4K TV

Buy If You Own a Bunch of Content and a 4K TV

If you already own a 4K television and a bunch of HD content on iTunes, you'll definitely want to consider making the move to the new Apple TV.

Apple's offering a nice incentive to those who've already purchased a ton of content on iTunes. If you own HD content on iTunes, that content will automatically get upgraded to the 4K HDR version when it becomes available. Disney hasn't signed on for this program yet, but most other studios are on board. 

This is a free courtesy from Apple and it's a huge incentive for those of you that are already heavily invested in Apple's ecosystem.

Again, the company's iTunes 4K HDR library continues to grow and we should see many popular titles get upgraded as the year goes on. 



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