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Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To



The new Apple Watch 3, or Series 3, is an impressive upgrade from the first Apple Watch, and adds in key improvements over the Apple Watch Series 2 that earned a spot on the wrist of many people last year. Here’s a look at the reasons you should buy the Apple Watch 3, and the reasons you should hold off on purchasing the Apple Watch 3 right now.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 goes up for pre-order on September 15th and goes on sale on September 22nd alongside the iPhone 8. You can pre-order the Apple Watch 3 to make sure you get one on the release day, but it’s not something you absolutely need to do if you want a new Apple Watch this year. We typically see stock constrained for a month or two after the release, but with a third release Apple may have this under control better.

If you plan to buy the Apple Watch with LTE you can currently get 3 months of free service and waived activation at carriers. You will also want pre-order the Apple Watch 3 with LTE, since there is a bigger chance it will sell out faster.

We’ve owned the Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2, and we’ve been following the Apple Watch 3 for more than a year. That’s why you can trust us for your Apple Watch 3 buying advice. We’ll be updating this as we go hands on and as we learn more about how the LTE features will work, if we ever see the Spotify Apple Watch app and when we start hearing about the Apple Watch 4.

Here are the reasons you should buy the Apple Watch 3.

  1. Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE
  2. Buy for Better Workout Tracking
  3. Buy for Better Siri
  4. Buy for Apple Music Streaming
  5. Buy for GPS if Your on Series 1
  6. Buy for Stainless Steel & Special Editions
  7. Buy for Water Resistant

You should also check out the flip side that will help you better understand the drawbacks, who shouldn’t be upgrading and other important information. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch 3;

  1. Don’t Buy if You Want Deals
  2. Don’t Buy if you have Series 2 & Don’t Need LTE
  3. Don’t Buy Until You Read Reviews
  4. Don’t Buy for New Bands

We will explain them more in the sections below to outline specific details you need to know about. You can click the links above, or click on the images below to jump directly to a section that interests you.

Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE

Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE

Do you want to use your Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby? In that case, you should buy the Apple Watch 3 with LTE. This is an upgraded model that can directly connect to cell phone networks. It shares the same number as your iPhone and you need to add it to your plan for $10 a month to get the benefits. 

Once this is connected, you can leave your iPhone at home and you can make calls, send and receive texts, get directions, use Siri and use some third party apps that require data. It's basically an iPhone on your wrist, but you'll be doing most of your controlling by voice. 

If you live to run, go outdoors, head to festivals and other situations where carrying an iPhone is a pain, you can strap on the Apple Watch and go, while staying connected. You can use Apple Pay when you are on your Apple Watch LTE too, so you can handle a lot of tasks. 

For the right user, this is one of the biggest reasons to buy the Apple Watch Series 3. 

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