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11 Best iPad Pro Accessories in 2020



Do you want to fully outfit your new iPad Pro? Here are the best iPad Pro accessories that you can buy. Whether you are using your new iPad Pro as a full-on tablet or trying to replace your laptop with it, you’ll want to invest in a few essential accessories.

With a USB C connection, no headphone jack and a new design, outfitting your iPad Pro may prove costly. The nice part is, you don’t need to buy all of these at once. If you’re anything like us, you’ll pick up a few of these items to get started and then discover what else you need as you use the iPad Pro more and more.

Thanks to the USB C connection you don’t need to buy dongles direct from Apple. In many cases, you can plug directly into the iPad Pro. There are still some catches, so you may end up needing to invest in some third-party adapters and dongles. If you are buying a cable that hasn’t been tested, make sure you try it out right away in case you need to exchange it.

Here are our favorite iPad Pro accessories;

You can trust us because we’ve been using tablets for close to a decade and the iPad for almost as long. We work with our iPad daily for more than just playing games and watching Netflix, though we have some great accessories to help you with that as well.

These are the best iPad Pro accessories you need to buy.

Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil 2

While you can use the iPad Pro without the Apple Pencil, it's an essential accessory. This is a must-have tool for taking notes, drawing and it's a great way to edit photos, draw and perform fine-tuned touch needs on the iPad Pro. 

You can't use the Apple Pencil from the older iPad Pro, and you cannot use this one with the older iPad Pro, so it's an even more essential tool if you use the Apple Pencil already. 

This is way better than a standard stylus that you may have used a long time ago. It pairs to the iPad Pro and feels more like writing or drawing on paper than old styluses did. 

The new Apple Pencil 2 allows you to wireless charge it on the edge of the iPad Pro and it stays there when you aren't using it. 

Buy the Apple Pencil 2 for $119.

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