30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)
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30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)



iOttie iTap Mount System

iOttie iTap Mount System

A lot of people hate the idea of a big bulky mount on their dash or taking up space somewhere in the car. Plus, I'm always afraid my vent mount isn't strong enough to hold my big Galaxy Note 9, and I'm sure iPhone Xs Max owners have the same problem. 

That's why the new iOttie iTap mount system and vent mount was designed for bigger devices. They're using a new magnetic system that 2x stronger than ever before. You can easily add the large metal plate to the phone, under your case (and it doesn't ruin wireless charging) and it takes like 10 seconds. 

Then, just put the mount on your dash or in the vent and tap your phone on the mount and let the magnets do the rest. You can rotate the viewing angles, too. At this point, I'm more worried about my vent breaking than the phone actually falling. 

$25 at Amazon

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