30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)
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30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)



iPow Dash Mat Car Dock

iPow Dash Mat Car Dock

Next up we have something a little different than the other mounts. If you don't want a huge arm in your middle console, or a mount that might break your air vents, consider this one instead. 

The IPOW Dash Mat is a silicone dock that is basically a weighted down stand for your phone. The silicone base won't slip or slide around on your dash, and it's grippy and heavy enough to stay securely in place during a crazy road trip. 

Each one comes with four rubber arms that safely hold your phone in place for watching a video or checking navigation instructions. You can switch out the arms too, so you get the perfect fit with whatever phone you own. It's basically a dock and kickstand for your dash. One that doesn't stick, suction, or breaks air vents. 

$12.98 at Amazon

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