30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)
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30 Best Smartphone Car Accessories (2020)



Kenu Airframe+ Vent Mount

Kenu Airframe+ Vent Mount

Next on our list is the original vent mount for smartphones. The Kenu Airframe is still my all-time favorite when it comes to putting gadgets in my car. 

Kenu uses durable materials and owns multiple patents for how this works. Simply slide it onto your vent with the little teeth. Then, slide your phone in. One side of the mount expands with ease and has just enough pressure to safely and securely hold your phone. The rubber pads ensure it won't get scratched, and won't slip out. 

$18 at Amazon

Or get one for bigger phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra right here. And if you use a Pocksocket, they make car vent mounts too that work amazingly well. 

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