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Best The Division 2 Deals



You can save big with the best The Division 2 deals that are live when you pre-order the game. Most of these Division 2 deals will end when the release date arrives next week. In fact this is one of the biggest reasons to pre-order The Division 2.

These deals will end on March 12th for The Division 2 Gold and Ultimate editions and March 15th for the standard edition. Here’s more on which The Division edition to buy.

You don’t need to be a part of any special membership programs for these deals. Another great thing about these deals is that you can get the deals with the physical or the digital versions of the game.

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The Best The Division 2 Deals

Take advantage of The Division 2 deals.

Take advantage of The Division 2 deals.

The best all around The Division 2 deals are at Best Buy if you are OK with a reward that you can use later. If you want an up front deal, Newegg is the best option for all gamers. On PC or PS4, Green Man Gaming is a a good place to go. All of these current deals stop when the release date arrives.

$10 Reward Certificate at Best Buy when you pre-order. This is valid on the standard game or on the Gold and Ultimate editions as well as on physical and digital. You don’t save up front, but you can use this on another purchase a few weeks after you pick up your game. You need to create a Best Buy account, but you don’t need any paid account. If you are one of the few people with Gamers Club Unlocked still on your account, you can save 20% on the physical versions, but most people are no longer a part of this program.

$10 off The Division 2 Gold Edition and $6 off the standard edition at Newegg. This is an up front discount that allows you to save when you buy without any coupon code or membership. This is only on the Xbox One digital editions, so skip this if you are playing on PS4 or PC.

12% off The Division to on PC at Green Man Gaming. This is on the PC version across all the digital options and it is only available through March 15th at 12:01 AM, when Ubisoft will stop allowing third-party stores to sell keys.

7% off The Division to on PS4 at Green Man Gaming. While you can’t get PS4 deals at Newegg, you can get them at Green Man Gaming with 7% off all versions of The Division 2.

Get a free copy of  Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands or Far Cry Primal free when you pre-order The Division 2 at Ubisoft. This is an OK deal, but only if you don’t have one of these games. Look for the other deals unless this really excites you.

Don’t expect to see many deals in the first month or two after The Division 2 release date. It will likely take a few more months before you see major deals return for The Division 2.

5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Division 2 & 3 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order The Division 2 for Deals

Pre-Order The Division 2 for Deals

One of the biggest reasons to pre-order The Division 2 is to lock in some of the early deals. You can save $6 to $10 on the base version of the game and potentially more on the higher end The Division 2 editions.

You can save with The Division 2 deals at Best Buy and Newegg, and there are a few other places you can look if you are buying on PC, where there are a few more deals and even some free games with purchase. 

Best Buy offers a $10 reward certificate when you pre-order any edition of The Division 2. This is only valid during the pre-order period. You pay the full price up front and get $10 to spend on something else at Best Buy later. 

Newegg offers $10 off The Division 2 Gold Edition and $6 off the standard edition. This is an up front discount and it is only on the digital version of the game. Expect this to disappear after the release date. 

Green Man Gaming offers 12% off the PC version of The Division 2 across all editions. This deal is only valid until March 15th, and then the game will no longer be sold on third party stores. The PS4 version is available for 7% off across all editions. 

Ubisoft offers Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands or Far Cry Primal free when you pre-order The Division 2.

If you want to save and play on day one, these are the deals you need to take advantage of before it's too late. 

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