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Borderlands 3: Which Edition to Buy?



There are multiple versions of Borderlands 3 and you’ll want to pre-order the right edition for your time, interest level, and your money.

Gearbox has confirmed the next entry in the long-running Borderlands series and Borderlands 3 arrives for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in just a few weeks.

Assuming there aren’t any delays, the Borderlands 3 release date for all three platforms is September 13th, just ahead of Black Friday and the holiday season.

Retailers are taking pre-orders ahead of the game’s highly anticipated release and many people are trying to decide if the game is worth buying right now.

Some of you will definitely want to pre-order a copy, but others might want to wait for reviews and more feedback about the game.

If you do decide to pre-order, you’ll want to pick the right Borderlands 3 edition. Retailers are selling four versions of the game and you certainly don’t want to overspend, or underspend, on your copy.

Each edition comes with a different price point and a different set of features that you’ll want to be aware of before you click or tap buy.

In this guide we’ll take you through each edition and help you pick the right version of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition

The standard edition is the $60 no-frills version of the game.

The most basic edition comes with the least amount of goodies though you do get a pre-order bonus. Anyone who pre-orders the standard edition gets the Gold Weapon Skins pack which contains a gold weapon trinket and gold weapon skins that are applicable to all guns in the game.

If you don’t want to pay $60 for a copy of Borderlands 3, keep your eye out for deals as we push toward the game’s release date. Retailers like NewEgg often drop the price below $60.

This is the bare bones version of Borderlands 3 but it’s the version most people, particularly newcomers to the series/genre should buy.

Who should buy this edition of Borderlands 3?

  • Newcomers to the series.
  • Those who don’t have a ton of time to play games and aren’t sure how much time they can invest in an action roleplaying first person shooter.

You can buy the standard version of Borderlands 3 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, and Walmart.

Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition

For those that want a little more, there’s the Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition. It’s more expensive, but it comes with some bonus items that might be of interest to you.

If you spend an extra $20, you’ll get the Gold Weapon Skins pack pre-order bonus and five content packs that contain character and weapon skins, trinkets, mods, and more.

This bundle features a Gearbox Cosmetic Pack, a Retro Cosmetic Pack, a Toy Box Weapons Pack, and XP and loot drop boost mods.

So who should spend the extra money on the Deluxe Edition?

  • People who know they are going to invest a ton of time in Borderlands 3.
  • People who like to customize their characters and weapons.
  • People who want instant access to in-game items.

You can buy the deluxe version of Borderlands 3 at AmazonBest Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, and Walmart.

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

For those looking for an even bigger stash of loot, there’s the Super Deluxe Edition.

This Borderlands 3 bundle is currently priced at $100 though this appears to be a limited time offer and the price will, at some point, go up.

For $100 you get the pre-order bonus, you get the five content packs from the Deluxe Edition, you get the game’s Season Pass which comes with four campaign DLC packs (new stories, missions, and challenges), and you get the exclusive Butt Stallion cosmetic pack. The pack includes a Butt Stallion weapon skin, trinket, and grenade mod.

So who should splurge on the Super Deluxe Edition?

  • People who know they are going to invest a year or more in Borderlands 3.
  • People who like to customize their characters and weapons.
  • People who want instant access to in-game items.

You can buy the Super Deluxe version of Borderlands 3 at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, and Walmart.

Borderlands 3 Collector’s Edition

For rabid fans of the Borderlands series, there’s the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition which is an exclusive at GameStop.

For $250 you get the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition and you also get the following items:

  • Diamond Loot Chest Replica with functional retractable lid
  • Ten 3-inch tall character figurines including the four Vault Hunters and Calypso Twins
  • Sanctuary 3 snap model ship and stand
  • Four Vault Key keychains
  • Cloth galaxy map
  • Five character art lithographs of the Vault Hunters and Calypso Twins
  • Steelbook case

Given the price, this bundle is for one person in particular: Diehard fans of Borderlands. Casual fans should go with one of the cheaper bundles.

The Collector’s Edition is a bit hard to find right now, but our guide shows you the best way to find one for $250 ahead of the game’s release date.

Digital vs. Physical

Like most games, Borderlands 3 comes in digital and physical formats. There are some key differences between the two. Let’s start with the digital version.

Here are a few reasons to buy this version of Borderlands 3:

  • You’re sick and tired of discs cluttering up your entertainment center.
  • You live in a house where discs often get lost or damaged.
  • You don’t want to locate your disc every time you want to play.
  • You want to pre-load Borderlands 3 and play ASAP.

And here are a few reasons to consider going with a physical copy:

  • You’ll be able to sell it to a store like GameStop or via a reseller like Craigslist or eBay if you get tired of it.
  • You’ll be able to easily lend your copy out to friends or family members when you decide to move onto another game or if they want to try it before they buy.

Gearbox plans to showcase more of the game throughout the year so keep an eye out for more details about the gameplay, Season Pass, and DLC.

10 Exciting New Borderlands 3 Features

Insane Weapons

Insane Weapons

To put it mildly, Borderlands 3 features a mind-boggling number of weapons to use against your enemies. And some of these weapons look, and sound, well, insane. 

According to Gearbox, Borderlands 3 features over a billion guns. There are a core set of weapons, but each will come with a different set of properties. We don't have a full list of weapons just yet, but here are a few things we know thus far.

We know there is a brand new elemental damage type called Radiation. According to Gearbox, it replaces the "slag" damage type from the previous games. 

According to Randy Pitchford, Radiation is a nuclear radiation effect and has a similar effect to slag (increased vulnerability by those affected) and a damage-over-time component.

There are also some outrageous guns in Borderlands 3. So far, we've heard about a gun that you have to start up like a lawnmower, a gun that turns into a bouncy bomb when thrown, and a rocket launcher that fires hamburgers.

So, just in case you were worried, there won't be a shortage of guns to equip, customize, and use against your enemies. 

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