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Can You Dab App: 5 Things To Know



One of the most popular new games on iPhone and Android is “Can You Dab?”. This free, frustrating side scroller is simple to understand, but very tough to beat.

After playing two minutes of Can You Dab?, we feel like when we spent a summer screaming at Flappy Bird, but this game comes with way more places to spend money and see ads.

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The Can You Dab? app is a free game for iPhone, iPad and Android that offers simple controls and graphics. The reviews are mixed with more iPhone users rating it higher and more Android users leaving lower reviews.

What is the Can You Dab? App?

What you need to know about the Can You Dab? app.

What you need to know about the Can You Dab? app.

The Can You Dab? app is a game where you must jump over obstacles and collect coins. When you jump, you Dab. You can long jump or short jump, but that’s as complex as the controls get.

Ultimately the Can You Dab? challenge takes place in the timing of jumps. Since you need to collect coins and you also need to avoid spikes or falling into the water.

So, Can You Dab?

Can You Dab? Ads

While you play the Can You Dab? app you will see an ad on screen that you may accidentally tap while playing the game, but for the most part you can play each life without worrying about tapping on it.

Every three deaths there is a pop up ad that takes over the entire screen for at least six seconds. You may see one of these every 30 seconds if you are as bad as we are. These bigger ads are game appropriate, normally for other games.

Can You Dab? In-App Purchases

The Can You Dab? app is free to download, but you will see a decent amount of ads. You can opt out of these with an in-app purchase.

For $4.99 you can turn off all ads in Can You Dab? including the pop up ones between deaths. This also unlocks all the levels and characters.

This is something you can restore to another iPhone or iPad if you upgrade, but you cannot take this to another platform.

Can You Dab? Rating and What Parents Need to Know

Can you dab app - 1The Can You Dab? app is rated Teen on Google and 12+ on iPhone. The iPhone rating is for, “Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor.”

After playing the game we did not observe any profanity. The latest update “removed naughty sounds,” so that may be why we only hear, “Dab on him.”, before we die.

The origin of the Dab dance is up for debate, but it is not conclusively linked to drugs where the term Dabs refers to a smokable oil derived from marijuana plants. There is no drug use in the game and the Dab dance is part of pop culture with athletes like Cam Newton and many others performing the simple dance on the field.

Can You Dab Characters & Levels

Use coins to unlock new characters and levels.

Use coins to unlock new characters and levels.

You need to collect coins in the Can You Dab? app to unlock new characters and you can also use them to unlock new levels if you can’t beat one.

Levels cost 1,500, 3,500 and 9,000 coins to unlock and new characters cost 500 coins. You collect the coins as you play and you can also get 50 coins for watching a video if you need to earn them quicker.

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