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13 Exciting Things You Can Do with a PS4



Rent Games Without Leaving Home with PlayStation Now

Rent Games Without Leaving Home with PlayStation Now

Never wait by the mailbox or head to a Redbox to rent a game again. Instead, use PlayStation Now to rent hundreds of games without leaving home.

PlayStation Now rentals are in the PlayStation Store. If you see a game you like, pay for a rental period for a day or two. You can unlock all the game’s trophies and save your progress as if you own it outright. To continue your progress, rent the game again. PlayStation Now spares you long download times by connecting you with servers. The servers host the game rental, not your console.

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Subscribing to PlayStation Now gets you unlimited play time in hundreds of games for $19.99. As with the timed rentals, your PS4 streams the game from Sony’s servers, so you save yourself time other gamers are wasting on downloading games to their console.

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