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13 Exciting Things You Can Do with a PS4



Stream 4K Movies & TV Shows from Netflix & More

Stream 4K Movies & TV Shows from Netflix & More

PlayStation Vue isn’t for everyone, and that’s why Netflix is important. Add the Netflix app to your PS4 for 4K video streams.

PS4 has a great Netflix experience. The console’s Netflix app lets you create profiles for every member of the family. This keeps your child’s taste in movies from ruining your recommendations. Depending on your plan and the show, Netflix automatically switches to 4K video to get you the best looking movies and TV shows possible.

Learn more about 4K video in Gotta Be Mobile’s 4K TV: What You Need to Know, What You Need to Watch breakdown.

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service the PS4 offers, but there are others. CBS, Hulu Plus, MTV, Amazon Prime, Crackle and Twitch all have PS4 apps.

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