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13 Exciting Things You Can Do with a PS4



Play Exclusive Games

Play Exclusive Games

Most people buy the gaming console that has the exclusive games they want, and the PS4 has a stellar line-up in 2018.

This line-up begins with God of War, a restart of the best-selling franchise from its previous consoles. Kratos is back for this game, but he’s joined by his young son. This game transitions the series from Greek mythology to Norse mythology, so expect a lot of new characters if you played the original series. God of War launches on April 20th.

The second major PS4 exclusive arrives on May 25th. It is called Detroit Become Human, and it’s an open-world game told from the point of view of three androids. These robots look like and serve humans. The story starts as they begin to go rogue for reasons that aren’t fully explained in the game’s trailers. The decisions you make in Detroit Become Human impact the game’s story and whether the game’s three main characters live or die.

Expect Marvel’s Spider-Man to arrive sometime later in 2018. This game puts you in control of a slightly older Peter Parker. A radioactive spider has already given him his powers, but he still struggles with balancing the demands of Spider-Man with being a normal person. This is an action-adventure game with open-spaces for you to use Spider-Man’s best tricks.

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