Fallout 76 PC Requirements: 3 Things to Know

If you just built or purchased a high-end Windows PC you should be able to run Fallout 76 on its highest settings. If your rig is getting up there in age, and you want the best version of Fallout 76, you might have to make some upgrades to your setup.

Fallout 76 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. If you own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, you’ll be treated to 4K resolution and HDR support. You won’t get those features on the original Xbox One or PS4, but the game will still be playable.

If you plan to play the game on a Windows PC, you’ll need to make sure your desktop or laptop is capable of running the game. If your Windows device fails to meet the minimum requirements, it will likely be unplayable. And if you’re unable to match the recommended specs, you might run into additional bugs and performance issues.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about Fallout 76 spec requirements before you pre-order a copy of the game ahead of it’s official release on November 14th.

Fallout 76 PC Requirements

The first thing to know before you pre-order is that Bethesda hasn’t confirmed minimum or recommended specifications for Fallout 76.

On its website Bethesda says PC requirements for Fallout 76 are “Coming Soon” and it could be weeks before we get the official word.

The game is still in development so we don’t expect an official announcement until we get much closer to the game’s beta and official release date.

Can My PC Run Fallout 76?

Once the official minimum and recommended spec requirements emerge you’ll quickly be able to crosscheck your PC. There are a few ways to do this.

The quickest way to track down your PC’s specific hardware is via the System Information panel in Windows. Go to your Start Menu, select Run and type in msinfo32. Here you’ll find your computer’s specs.

Once Bethesda confirms the game’s minimum and recommended specs, you’ll be able to compare your computer’s hardware to the lists.

You can also use the website Can You Run It. Can You Run It provides a quick and easy way to figure out if your Windows PC can run certain games. The specs on the Fallout 76 page right now are placeholders so don’t read too much into them.

That said, you can use Fallout 4’s PC specs to help gauge if you might need to make some upgrades to your Windows PC. If you can’t run Fallout 4 you probably won’t be able to run Fallout 76.

Head on over to the Fallout 4 page to download a Desktop application. This app will help you figure out your specs and determine if your PC fits the game’s requirements.

If you fall below the threshold, you’ll want to look into making some upgrades before Fallout 76 arrives.

What If My PC Doesn’t Meet Requirements?

If your computer doesn’t meet Bethesda’s minimum requirements, the game will run poorly. In many cases, it won’t run at all.

If you want the best version of Fallout 76, you’ll need a Windows PC that comes with a good amount of RAM, a newish processor, an updated graphics card, and lots of free space on your internal storage.

Fallout 76 will run on PC’s using the recommended specs, but you probably won’t be able to run it on the highest settings. You’ll likely have to go into the game’s settings and tone down the settings in order to make it playable.

If your PC is old, you’ll want to try the Fallout 76 beta when it arrives for Windows PC later this year. The beta will help you determine if you want, or need, to make some upgrades to your hardware.

As of right now, you need to pre-order Fallout 76 to gain access to the beta.

4 Reasons to Pre-Order Fallout 76 & 6 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order If You Love Online Games & Fallout

Pre-Order If You Love Online Games & Fallout

If you like the sound of an online Fallout-style RPG, you might want to put in a Fallout 76 pre-order.

Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG inspired by games like Rust and DayZ

The game is still in development and the gameplay is still in flux, but it'll be much different than Fallout 4.

That said, Fallout 76 will have quests, a leveling system, and tons of enemies to kill just like Bethesda's traditional single-player RPGs. It'll also have base building (dubbed C.A.M.P.), something Bethesda introduced in Fallout 4 back in 2015. Fallout 76 allows you to build anywhere on the map.

Unlike some games that simply end once you complete the campaign, support for Fallout 76 (like support for Fallout 4) will go on for years. Bethesda says all DLC content released after Fallout 76's release date will be entirely free.  

Fallout 76 is more Fallout Online/Elder Scrolls Online than Fallout 5. If sharing an open, evolving Fallout world with friends sounds amazing, think about putting in an early order today, tomorrow, or sometime in the near future. 

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